7 Considerations to Make When Buying a Beach Condo

If buying a beach condo is on your plans, you are spoilt for choice as there are various coastal locations and beach houses to pick from. Although choosing which beach property to buy looks like a walk in the park, getting the ideal one can be quite tedious as it requires a lot of time and effort.

When scouting for beach condos, knowing what you want and sticking to your budget is important. It is also advisable to do some prior research on the risks involved and have an experienced realtor guide you.

1- Nearness to Water

When purchasing a beach condo, the property’s nearness to water is a big determinant for many people. You will have to look at the merits and disadvantages of living close to the water. For example, it comes with the risk of flooding hence higher insurance rates. However, it is also convenient to access the water and has a good resale value.

2- Insurance Premiums

If you are looking forward to buying a beach condo, be ready to pay some exorbitant home insurance premiums. Sometimes, there is also the additional cost of flood insurance, which is very expensive to purchase. Engage your insurance agent to know the rates for beach properties. Also, different insurance providers have different offers, so shop around to get the best deal.

3- Structure and Foundation of the House

At the top of your priorities should be getting a weather-proof condo. The house should be constructed with the best materials to withstand high temperatures, heavy rains, floods, and strong winds. Some of the best materials for constructing beach houses are natural, durable wood and concrete. If it is in an area with a high risk of flooding, make sure it is built on stilts.

4- Quality of the Windows

This is another important factor to consider when buying a beach condo. Buy a house that has impact windows as they are good at protecting your property from strong winds. Storms and hurricanes often carry debris that may damage your property. Impact windows are also great at decreasing noise levels and will reduce the cost of your insurance.

5- Roofing

Good roofing and strong windows go hand in hand. It is common to hear cases where one has bought a beach house, only to discover that the roof requires replacement. During certain times of the year, the coastal weather is usually harsh. Therefore, a beach condo’s roof is likely to experience more wear and tear than a normal home’s roof. Invest in a good roof that has been made with durable materials.

6- Neighborhood

Don’t forget to check the location and neighborhood of the property you want to buy. You may buy a great beach condo only to find out that your neighbors are loud and irresponsible or the house is located in an insecure area. Friendly neighbors who can check on your property while you are away are a bonus.

7- Property Management Services

Probably the beach condo is not going to be your main residence. In such a scenario, you will need a property management agency to look after your property while you are away. It involves arranging for somebody to manage the rent contracts, gardening, pest control, and maintenance services. Such services can be very costly and should be considered before buying a beach house.