7 Common Types of Floodings That Can Occur in Your Home

The first image that comes to mind is a massive stream of running water when you think of floods. But it is not that simple. Downpours aren’t just rainy or overflowed water; they are more than that. Understanding different flooding types may help you create a reliable emergency response plan for floods. So, go through these types, and inspect your property, surroundings and situations to be ready to protect your home from these disasters. Here we go: 

1. River Floods 

These disasters happen when river water gradually increases and crosses the riverbank’s upper limit. That may occur due to continuous or heavy rainfall in the areas. These emergencies may also happen due to ice jams and a combination of rain and snowmelt. If you live nearby a river, you should be aware of this situation and take necessary measures. They may save your belongings and make your place hygiene again! Call flood emergency services for quick help if you fail to do so.  

2. Coastal Floods 

As the name suggests, these floods occur in coastal areas due to storm surges, changes in tides, waves or heavy rainfall. Minor coastal floods may damage property, but moderate and significant ones can be seriously life-threatening. Climate changes during these emergencies may make it worse to survive. However, you should keep an eye on the weather forecast and be prepared.,  

3. Urban Floods  

These floods occur when drainage systems are unable to absorb the rainwater. Due to soil limits and no other way to stop the heavy fall, the streets experience ricer-like flowing water.  

4. Flash Floods  

Flash floods happen due to weather conditions like tropical storms, hurricanes, severe thunderstorms and incidents like mudslides, dam breaking or similar leakages. These emergencies may start as soon as six hours after heavy rainfall. Urban areas get more of these emergencies as there is limited soil to soak up the water.  

These floods happen quickly and may catch you off guard. These can be powerful enough to break down trees, buildings, bridges and boulders. They may also cause mudslides. Not to say, these floods have the potential to destroy your belongings, including property.  

 5. Sewage Floods  

These disasters happen when heavy rains damage the sewage system or treatment plants. Due to the force of rainwater, sewage water gets released into water bodies. The water leaked from the system or tanks may overflow through your toilets, pipes, showers or sinks.  

The major drawback of this flood is it’s a health hazard. The water contaminates harmful bacteria, chemicals and germs that may affect your health, especially if you have kids or elderlies at home. When you call the experts, they visit your site immediately and start the procedure to make your home safe and hygienic again! Quick response and sewage water cleaning are crucial in such cases.  

6. Groundwater Floods  

Groundwater floods are nothing but overflow of inundated drainage water and rainfalls. The groundwater overflows into streets and homes. However, these floods take time to become destructive; meanwhile, you can move your assets elsewhere. But, there is a drawback too. These floods or water take months or weeks to go away. The moisture and water can lead to several health issues and property damage. It may help grow mould, mildews, fungus, pests and whatnot.  

So, we suggest hiring sewage water cleaning services in such situations. The experts guide you on tackling these issues and protecting your health!  

7. Pluvial Floods  

Similar to urban flooding, these floods happen due to the soil’s incapacity to absorb the water. However, these floods occur in rural areas where the ground can’t take them anymore. The heavy fall also causes puddles and ponds everywhere.  

As you know, these main flood types create an emergency response plan for floods right now. You won’t have time to think about when such a thing will happen to your home. So, be prepared. Call Emergency Flood Restoration Sydney today, and we will guide you on how to secure your place. If you want help, we are always here. 

We are sorry for the damage if you have already gone through this terrible experience. You can save valuable belongings and health by calling us for flood emergency services. Hurry up; it’s a not or never situation!

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