7 Coldest Places in the World

You live in a cold city and want to travel to some warm place as your dream destination because you want to feel some warmth of nature. Still, you’re not the only one facing that chilled side of nature as there are some cities in the world where freezing temperatures are nothing compared to their native average temperature. Those people with having snow falling and continuous freezing temperatures below -50 F have adapted to live in those areas comfortably. Here are some cities of the world where having a temperature of more than 50 F is only a wish for the residents. These cities are just an indication that how much a world can get cold.

1. Omyakon, Sakha Republic, Russia

It is known as the coldest inhabited place in the world, which provides a home to 500 people. These people have accustomed themselves to live in this coldest place. The lowest temperature committed to paper in this area is minus 96 degrees F.

2. Yakutsk, Sakha Republic, Russia

As it’s pretty near to Omyakon and Sakha Republic’s capital, it is located in far North-eastern Russia. Although its average temperature is around minus 42 degrees F, it inhabits 300,000 residents.

The Winter season and snow falling starts in this city much earlier than in other seasons. The lowest recorded temperature was minus 83 Fahrenheit in 1891.

3. Herbin, Heilongjiang, China

Having 9.5 million residents, it is the capital of the north-eastern province of China. In the coldest month of January, its temperature ranges from minus 8 degrees to minus 12 degrees Fahrenheit.

It is having one of the world’s largest ice festivals each year, Harbin International Ice and sculpture Festival, which presents illuminated ice slides and forts. Due to its cold weather and snow precipitation, it’s the tourist attraction for snow tours and hikes. Its average temperature is minus 11 degrees Fahrenheit.

4. Snag, Canada

Located on the Yukon Territory, it is one of the coldest cities in the world. On February 03, 1947, it was declared as Canada’s coldest city of that day because of minus 63 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its bone-chilling temperature caused the military airfield’s closure, which was established as an essential part of the Northwest Staging Route. Due to its coldest temperature, few people live in this area.

These are some coldest cities of the world which temperatures may be unbearable for most of the inhabitants of warm temperatures. Still, the inhabitants of these coldest areas have accustomed themselves to live in these areas. Technology has also made their life easy by foreseeing the snow precipitation and fall or rise in temperatures via snow day calculator by estimating the undulating conditions.

5. International Falls, Minnesota, United States

It is famous as ‘The iconic of the Nation’ with a minus 55 degrees Fahrenheit record. It is a famous tourist attraction because of its average snowfall of 71.6 inches and gateway to nearby Voyageurs National Park.

Having most of the coldest days in the year, it also hosts the Icebox Days Winter festival. It is also connected to Ontario, Canada, which also makes it the most attractive tourist attraction and coldest city in the contagious U.S.

6. Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

It is the capital of Manitoba province and houses more than 715,000 people. Being one of the coldest major cities in North America, its average recorded temperature is minus 5 to minus 9 Fahrenheit.

 But in the past eras, it had experienced the worst bone-chilling temperatures as of minus 49 degrees Fahrenheit in 1966 and minus 54 Fahrenheit in 1879.

7. Yellowknife, northwest territories, Canada

While being located on the shore of Great Slave Lake and 320 miles away from the Arctic region, its average lower temperature is around minus 26 degrees F. It provides a home to 20,000 people. As the best location to view northern lights, its lowest temperature may drop to 35 degrees F.

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