7 Birthday Locker Decoration Ideas for 2020

Did you know that the average child spends around 185 hours at school every year? This can end up being a lot more if you count extra-curricular activities, lunch, and other school-related events.

For a student, a locker can almost feel like their home away from home. By using the best birthday locker decoration ideas, you can give them the gift that lasts all school year.

Want to know how to make the birthday boy or girl smile every time they visit their locker? Keep reading to learn all about the best locker decoration ideas for 2020.

1. Use LED Lights

When it comes to ideas for birthday locker decorations, LED lights can be a wonderful decoration. They can also be quite practical. If the lighting in their locker isn’t the best, then they’ll be able to find things much more easily with your great surprise.

2. Keep it Simple

If your birthday student is someone who appreciates neatness, then you can decorate their locker using a minimalistic scheme. By using one or two of their favorite colors, you can really make their locker pop without it being too flashy. Even a black and white design can cool and sleek.

3. Install a Miniature Blackboard

If you’re looking for cool locker decorating ideas that are functional, then a blackboard is the way to go. Chalkboard contact paper can be easily installed on the inside of the locker’s door. That way, your special someone can write to-do lists with chalk or just make fun doodles.

4. Add Meaningful Photos 

What better way to celebrate the birthday boy or girl by decorating their locker with photos from the many happy years that they’ve lived through so far? To avoid embarrassing them, you should probably stay clear of baby photos, for instance. However, if you get fun with it, you can make them laugh or smile every time they open up their locker.

5. Make Stripes with Duct Tape

When it comes to happy birthday locker decorating ideas, you can spice up their locker using diagonal stripes of colored duct tape. Bright colors can really make it look festive or you can go with their favorite ones.

6. Pick Out Magnets

Keep in mind that the best lockers are made of steel. This means you can decorate the inside with a wealth of neat magnets. The magnets can be based on their favorite TV shows, video games, movies, or even places they’ve traveled to.

7. Decide on a Wallpaper

Wallpaper comes in a huge variety of designs and textures. By measuring out the length, you can really turn their locker into something special. Think about what best fits their style and run with it.

Ready to Use These Birthday Locker Decoration Ideas?

Now that you’ve learned all about the best birthday locker decoration ideas for 2020, you can surprise your loved one on their special day.

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