7 Best Weapons to Use in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is Team Ninja’s fourth Souls-like game, which makes a great name for itself despite taking inspiration from FromSoftware’s Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. Of course, as is the case with all Souls-likes, getting the best weapons usually facilitates a smoother playthrough. So, keep reading to find out what are the seven best weapons to use in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

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7 Best Weapons To Get In Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

Weapons are the staple for combat in Wo Long, and picking the right one for you, both in terms of damage and movesets, will help you overcome the game’s most challenging bosses. Movesets are particularly important since they conform to a certain playstyle, so if you wield a weapon that is both powerful and has a playstyle you like, you’ll have lots of fun playing through the game with it!

Seeing how Wo Long has 16 different classes of weaponry, you’re bound to find a weapon that suits your playstyle. So without further ado, let’s delve into seven of the best weapons in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.

  1. Sword of Yu the Great

Sword of Yu the Great is a very versatile weapon that is optimal for close-to-medium range combat with how it strikes a balance between speed, damage, and range. It excels more in single-target scenarios (mainly boss fights) due to its moveset, which mostly comprises of vertical slashes and powerful forward thrusts. The legendary bronze sword can be found during the ‘Heirloom Seal of the Realm’ mission.

Base Attack186
Attack Bonus ScalingWood: C+Fire: D+Earth: N/AMetal: A-Water: N/A
Spirit Attack:27
Spirit Attack (Guarding)15
Spirit Defense (Guarding23
Deflect Difficulty102.0%
Set BonusInstigator of Evil
  1. Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords

Dual Swords were a fan-favourite class of weapons in the Nioh series, and gladly, they’ve made a triumphant return to Wo Long, the Chivalrous Swordsman Dual Swords currently being one of the best in this class. If you’re into the kind of weapons that don’t hit very hard but unleash a flurry of consecutive attacks, then this weapon is for you! It is rewarded to you after ‘The Demon Fort of the Yellow Heaven’ mission.

Base Attack48
Attack Bonus ScalingWood: E-Fire: D-Earth: N/AMetal: N/AWater: C-
Spirit Attack:26
Spirit Attack (Guarding)14
Spirit Defense (Guarding16
Deflect Difficulty111.1%
Set BonusNone
  1. White Wooden Cudgel

White Wooden Cudgel initially comes off as a basic stave made of wood but in reality, it is one of the best staves in Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty. It is a very well-rounded staff that’s capable of dealing consistent damage and executing unavoidable counters if you’re into timely parries. It can be obtained through multiple avenues, but the game naturally rewards it to you after completing the ‘The Valorous Trio’ mission.

Base Attack46
Attack Bonus ScalingWood: C-Fire: N/AEarth: N/AMetal: D-Water: E-
Spirit Attack:31
Spirit Attack (Guarding)19
Spirit Defense (Guarding16
Deflect Difficulty104.1%
Set BonusNone
  1. Cavalry Javelin

The Cavalry Javelin is one of the best spears in Wo Long. This weapon is perfect for anyone who prefers to not get up close to the enemy but instead likes to keep their distance while landing precise, high-damage thrust attacks. The Cavalry Javelin can be obtained in eight different ways in Wo Long, including the one where the game rewards you with it after the ‘Darkness Over the Hanshui River’ mission.

Base Attack67
Attack Bonus ScalingWood: C-Fire: N/AEarth: E-Metal: N/AWater: D-
Spirit Attack:35
Spirit Attack (Guarding)22
Spirit Defense (Guarding22
Deflect Difficulty94.3%
Set BonusNone
  1. Invictus Serpent Spear

The Invictus Serpent Spear is one of the more prominent slashing spears in the game. As the name implies, slashing spears can do both slash attacks and thrust attacks, usually thanks to the curvature at the end of the pointy tip. So, if you like spears but want to get more aggressive with highly variable combos, then give the Invictus Serpent Spear a shot! This weapon can be obtained from Zhang Fei after leveling him up to Sworn Brother.

Base Attack79
Attack Bonus ScalingWood: D-Fire: C-Earth: E-Metal: N/AWater: N/A
Spirit Attack:45
Spirit Attack (Guarding)27
Spirit Defense (Guarding30
Deflect Difficulty77.5%
Set BonusRival of the Masses
  1. Tiger Fang Dual Halberds

Dual Halberds are a very rare occurrence in Souls-like, yet Team Ninja have really made them shine in their latest title, particularly with the Tiger Fang Dual Halberds. This weapon greatly synergizes with anyone looking for a quick, combo-filled playstyle where always being on the move with adrenaline pumping is the key. Aside from reaching Sworn Brother status with Sun Ce, this weapon is also found in the ‘Like Father, Like Son’ mission.

Base Attack73
Attack Bonus ScalingWood: E-Fire: C-Earth: D-Metal: N/AWater: N/A
Spirit Attack:37
Spirit Attack (Guarding)22
Spirit Defense (Guarding26
Deflect Difficulty86.9%
Set BonusFerocious Young Conqueror
  1. Podao

The Podao is a curved sabre that is much better at crowd control, although similar to your typical sabre. This is made possible due to its curvature that allows for horizontal sweeping at the expense of forward range – if that’s your cup of tea, then be sure to try this weapon out! It can be obtained from a myriad of different missions, such as ‘Two Chivalrous Heroes’ and ‘The Valley of the Crying Wraiths.’

Base Attack43
Attack Bonus ScalingWood: N/AFire: E-Earth: N/AMetal: C-Water: D-
Spirit Attack:24
Spirit Attack (Guarding)13
Spirit Defense (Guarding8
Deflect Difficulty117.6%
Set BonusNone

Final Thoughts

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty is an amazing action-based RPG which, although is considered a Souls-like, should be recognized as a game that stands on its own two feet. Even though Team Ninja have spiced up their usual gameplay mechanics with this game, the quality of its weapon system remains unparalleled. So, make sure to get your hands on the best of the best to take on the difficult challenges that await.