7 Best Places to Explore in Montego Bay

When you want to unwind by the sand, snorkel in the bay’s blue waters or drink drinks by the sea, Montego Bay is the best place to enjoy this moment. To book tickets to Montego Bay, get in touch with Frontier Airlines Reservations or visit the frontier airlines official website. 

Martha Brae River Rafting

Rafting on the River Martha Brae is one of Montego Bay’s quiet and romantic events. The luxuriant countryside of Jamaica is also a relaxing place to enrich yourself. The journey consists of five-kilometer bamboo rafts poured by local guides over jungle-fringed waterways. You will get to know the local fauna and flora along the way.

Picnic areas, swimming baths, showers, souvenir shops, and a therapeutic garden are all included in the facilities. 

Doctor’s Cave Beach

White sands border pure white waters at Doctor’s Cave beach & Swimming Club, where some say minerals feed. In the early 1920s, a renowned UK osteopath proclaimed that water had curative powers after swimming – a claim which helped shape Montego Bay’s future by attracting people all over the world. Hotels grew alongside the beach, and the area became a hot spot for visitors.

Today’s beach is as popular as ever and, considering the entrance cost, is always full of cruise passengers. Even in Montego Bay, this is a popular spot to snorkel. 

Dunn’s River Falls

Dunn’s River Falls rushes into the sea 180 meters of flat terraces, one of Jamaica’s most prominent natural features. The falls can be found near Ocho Rios, around a 90-minute drive from Montego Bay. They are a famous day trip, and a visit to Nine Mile, home of legendary reggae singer Bob Marley, will be merged here.

The tour starts with a guided tour of Bob Marley’s life in Nine Mile, where you can hear about Bob Marley’s village. 

Croydon Plantation

Coffee, pineapples, plantains, and citrus crops are the plantation’s significant crops, producing honey. You will learn about numerous plants while wandering around the beautiful field, taste their products and drinks made from the fresh fruits of the plantation. Following this trip, enjoy the Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee and grill lunch.  

Greenwood Great House

For a guided tour of Greenwood’s Great Home, if you’re interested in taking an exciting part of Jamaican culture. It was once kept by the family of renowned English poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning, nestled in the hills a few kilometers from the highway. The old house is over 200 years old and one of Jamaica’s best-preserved grand homes.

A tour’s highlights include well-preserved vintage furnishings, a rare book collection, and engaging musical instruments such as piano rosewood, barrels, organs, and music boxes. The panoramic views of the surrounding countryside are almost robbing the presentation. 

Rocklands Bird Sanctuary

You can see, photograph, and feed rare and endemic birds by hand in this beautiful family-run attraction. Guests have a nectar bottle, birdseed, and an excellent seating position at their arrival. Birds come down to drink and snuggle on your finger almost immediately, and other birds swarm to consume the seed. You can see some of the many popular bird species here are Jamaica’s orioles and banaquits, the royal long-tailed bird, and Jamaica’s national bird. Rocklands is located about a 30-minute drive from the city center of Montego Bay and has access to a rough, winding road.

The Hip Strip: Gloucester Avenue

The “Hip Strip,” a famous street near Doctor’s Cave Beach, also named Gloucester Road. It is packed with restaurants, cafes, and entertainment venues, with cruise ship passengers most of the days. It is a popular shopping spot for tourists in Montego Bay – all the typical souvenirs are available here. Be ready to negotiate with stubborn sellers while you are planning to shop.

Along this energetic band are also art-gallery and cafeterias amid a colorful assortment of kitschy knick knack shops and T-shirts, and this is a common nightlife stop in Jamaica. 

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