7 Best Photo Editing Apps for 2020

There are three different types of photo editors for the Android operating system. There are some, which provide advanced features for desktop photo editors and change Adobe Lightroom CC. The type of lighters that perform basic functions and the right to fulfill the requirements of the users. Finally, the third type of photo editor is social media filter photo editors that require fewer efforts from the users but ad fun facts into the pictures with beautification. There and plenty of photo editing apps are available for the users to choose from so here is the list of best photo editors for Android mobile systems.

1.Adobe Apps

There is a myriad of applications introduced by Adobe for editing and clicking the pictures using advanced filters and masks. Some of them are Adobe photoshop express, Adobe photoshop mix, and Adobe Lightroom CC. Each application proffers a different set of features including red-eye editing or handling RAW files clicked by using a smartphone or DSLR camera. This is one of the special features of this application is to get updated frequently with new features. The only limitation of this application is that the user has to pay the subscription fee to get cloud access to use all the features. Users having Adobe CC need not pay extra cost for new features.

2. Airbrush

One of the favorite applications of professional photographers and for beginners as well. It has many features that mainly focused on people such as eye brightener, red-eye removal, skin smoothing, and may more. In addition to this, background handling such blurring for any picture is also available in this application. This application is offering a different camera to use the functions in advance before clicking the picture. Apply the editing features and get the pictures with effects, which save a lot of time. It allows a user to use the trial version for seven days and for advanced features, users need to buy the pro version.

3. EnlightPixeloop

It is an application that supports some cool tricks, like turning the static pictures into GIF images by applying the swipes and taps. This app works best with some specific things such as water or clouds. It is clear photography which enables the users to make the pictures clear, which does not include red-eye or cropping. The only drawback of this application is that it is expensive but worthy to try it. It allows the users to use the combination of anchor points arrows, and the frozen brush to create neat effects. Getting started enlivening your photographs with Pixaloop is simple. A bit like with other photo and video editing applications, you start by choosing the photo you need to include movement impacts too. It is a great idea to start with the components a user is familiar with.

4. InShot Photo Editor Pro

It is a fairly new style photo application with multiple features like filters, stickers, and other effects. It is an extensive list of in-built layouts, and the user can download any of them. Some of them are available in pro version with nominal charges. You can feel the photo effects of this application on pictures and can-do things easily, such as retouch photos, cropping, or applying masks. A yearly subscription at $7.99 is a fairly reasonable price for this application.

5. LightX Photo Editor

It is one of the applications, which works well on both the operating systems, i.e. Android and iOS. There are many extensive features of this application, such as background picture settings, color effects, a list of sliders like color balance and curves. It also allows the users to merge the pictures and also supports blur features, photo collages, shape manipulation, and stickers. It should be among the top five applications of managing the photographs. It also allows modifying the videos, for example, if you have a video recorded in vertical mode, then you can add music, background effects, or blur properties in it.

You’ll be able moreover to apply filters, embedded content, including music, and indeed include emojis. A user can also choose the quality level to save a video in high quality.

6. PhotoDirector Photo Editor

PhotoDirector could be a new competitor into the photo enhancing field on Android, and this one is really offering great benefits. Like Fotor, this one focuses more on manual improvements instead of other filters offered by major photo applications such as HSL sliders, RGB color combinations, white adjust, and more to legitimately alter the photographs. There are moreover sliders for tone, brightness, obscurity, presentation, and differentiation for in-depth modifications. It’s more capable than most and ought to be great for those who need something other than filters. With perfect editing tools, it can stylize the images captured by any device. It also allows creating band flyers for live shows.


Snapseed is one of the applications, which are user friendly, and offers many features with a simple layout. Google-owned this application just a few years back. It is a powerful video editor in the photo editing space. It proffers a wide range of sliders and one-touch upgrades. There are many image filters, which are new for many users and photography professionals. It’s misleadingly light and straightforward for how capable it is. The app is additionally one of the uncommon free photo editor apps with no advertisements or in-app purchases. This is often the one we’d prescribe, to begin with, taken after by the Adobe apps and after that everything else. Be that as it may, this app moreover hasn’t had an overhaul since 2018, so we’re not beyond any doubt if usually in dynamic improvement any longer. It is available at no cost with amazing features.