7 Best Facial toner pads for summer

These are the 8 best toner pads for your summer, and they are perfect for your summer holidays!

Regardless of if you’re new into the skincare world, you’ve most likely come across the word ‘Toner’. Depending on your lifestyle, skin type, and concerns, everyone’s skincare routine can vary. Many people like to use toner pads rather than toner or essence because it saves time whilst delivering a range of benefits for both moisturizing and physical exfoliating.

Even though it is suggested reading all recommendations to find the best fit for your skin type.

What are Toner Pads?

Toner pads are essentially pads (usually made from cotton) that are simply rounds and re-soaked in a toner typically arriving with an embossed side.
They are a hygienic way to distribute products onto our skin and can be used as both a gentle micro-exfoliation or sheet mask for hydration. In addition, Toner pads save us that extra step of purchasing and applying toner onto a separate cotton pad. It will you get rid of excess oil and dirt that laying your pores. Toner pads are easy to pack and travel-friendly. Just a throw in a Ziploc bag and you’ll be ready for a flight to your holidays.

Each product contains different types of formula. Scroll down below to check out the 8 best toner pads products.

  1. Thayer’s blemish cleaning pads

Thayer’s is another much-loved brand for their skincare products containing natural ingredients and that tradition continues with their Blemish Clearing Pads. Not only do these pads work to clear up blackheads, whiteheads, and other acne blemishes, they are formulated to help prevent new breakouts from occurring. Made with 91% natural ingredients, the pads utilize a combination of witch hazel, 2% salicylic acid, and tea tree oil to unclog pores and reduce redness while aloe vera moisturizes the skin.

  • Peace out Dullness AHA/BHA

These Toner pads come in the form of a cute gauze mitten saturated with a potent blend of glycolic, citric, tartaric, malic, lactic, and salicylic acids. That might sound excessive, but the pads also contain niacinamide and plankton extract to soothe and plump the skin while giving it a dewy glow. Another cool feature is that the mitten is double-sided. One side of the cotton pad has a mesh texture for a bit of gentle manual exfoliation, while the other side is smooth for cleansing.

  • The Lab by Blanc Doux Oligo Hyaluronic Acid 7 Multi formula pads

This is a great moisturizing and soothing pad for dry, sensitive, and dehydrated oily skin. It comes with large, soft pads that are great to use as a mask and delivers the essence nicely. This is especially nice to use during the hot summer months when everyone’s skin could use some extra hydration and cooling. With green level ingredients by EWG safety, this The Lab by Blanc Doux Pad is suitable for sensitive skin as well.

  • Kimroly Facial Balancing Toner

Toner cotton pads from Kimroly to revitalize the face and prepare before nourishing your skin. The ingredient contains with swallow’s nest extracts, pearl and seaweed extracts and Witch Hazel which soothing for the skin. Replenish moisture by protecting the skin from dirt, dust, pollution. Also exfoliate skin cells. reduce inflammation of acne and tighten pores to be smaller.

  • Best Natural Go-to Exfoliating Pads

Instead of using the usual glycolic acid-based solution, naturally derived lactic acid (the gentlest of the acids), essential oils, and aloe vera work together to reveal a radiant complexion and even out your skin tone, and hydrate the skin. It’s recommended to use these pads at night two to three times a week to avoid over-exfoliating.

  • Dermatory Cica Rescue Gauze Pads

This pad is a great option for dry and sensitive skin. It does a good job at cooling for days when the skin feels inflamed and needs extra hydration. Dermatory Cica Rescue Cauze Pad has two textures: one is a rougher gauze great for exfoliation and the other, is softer cotton which can be used to soothe the skin. This pad comes with a lot of essences and can be messy, but the excess of essence makes it great to use as a sheet mask. Guaiazulene works well as a gentle exfoliator as well-known as PHA that is milder than AHA and BHA with large molecules.

  • Round Lab 1025 Dokko Pads

This is a great toner pad for all skin types especially sensitive, dry and dehydrated oily skin. Round Lab 1025 Dokdo Pad contains PHA and one side has a gauze for gentle exfoliation. The other side is soft cotton making it good to use over breakouts. This is a nice option for people who suffer from occasional breakouts and want a gentle daily exfoliator. Round LAB is a popular Korean cruelty-free and vegan brand with simple yet effective skincare ingredients for sensitive skin.

Before purchasing, you must pay attention to skincare ingredients on labels and where to look for information, EWG Skin Deep ratings could help you as a reference point. For details, head EWG (Environment Working Group) official website. Find the price range that friendly to your wallet, user rating and user reviews are also very helpful!