7 Best Compression Socks for Women

If you are always on your feet, then the chances are that you have experienced aches and pains due to this. Compression socks are great for relieving the discomfort that comes with this, as they help to apply pressure through your feet and ankle joints. They also help to reduce any inflammation and swelling, which is common in orthopaedic conditions and even during pregnancy. Below we have shared 7 best compression socks for women which can be used to overcome the difficulties of foot injuries.

Compression Socks for Plantar Fasciitis

Plantar fasciitis can occur amongst those who are aged between 40 and 70, both men and women, however this can be more common in pregnant women. The discomfort caused by this can be intense, however these compression socks can help to reduce any pain that you may have, so that you feel comfortable. These can be worn all day and throughout your daily activities as they apply pressure on your heel, as well as offering additional arch support. The socks have a strong cuff, which ensures that they will not slip down whilst you are on your feet. They are made from a thin and light material, making them comfortable to wear with your shoes, and still offering you the pain relief that you need. Not only do they provide targeted compression, but they are also sweat absorbent.  

Compression Socks for Blisters

If you have suffered from blisters, then you will know just how sore they can become whilst you are wearing shoes. These compression socks will protect your feet and any blisters from further friction or irritation, whilst also offering comfort and pain relief so that your day isn’t disrupted. They are also suitable to wear whilst running or jogging, as they will not slip, and the longer length helps to reduce any fatigue that you may experience. These are the best compression socks to help prevent any blisters from developing, which can sometimes be caused by uncomfortable or ill-fitted footwear.

Flight Compression Socks

You should always be comfortable when you are travelling, especially if you’ll be on a long flight. These compression socks help with blood circulation, which can be helpful if you are sitting in a compact space, and you aren’t able to move around too much. They’re also great if you suffer from any medical problems or if you’re an athlete, as they can help to reduce any muscle strains. If you are experiencing aches and pains due to pregnancy, these compression socks can be effective as they reduce swelling, pain, and they offer circulation benefits which can prevent varicose veins. The socks can boost your muscle strength and help sore and tired feet to feel much more at ease. They are made with a light material which not only wickers away sweat from the skin, but this also prevents any unpleasant odours, whilst still providing you with the protection that your feet needs.

Copper Infused Flight Compression Socks

These are another great pair if compression socks if you are travelling, whether that’s short or long distance. They offer relief from stubborn aches and pains that you may experience, allowing your feet to feel less tired and promote easier mobility. These are ideal for enhancing your blood circulation and you can still wear them if you are on your feet all day, even if you suffer from any medical issues or exercise on a regular basis.  They are great for reducing the risk of developing varicose veins, cramps, and arthritis, and they’re suitable for pregnant women. The copper infused fibres really help to keep your feet dry and odourless.

Compression Socks for Achilles Tendonitis

Achilles tendon injuries can cause excruciating pain and stiffness in the joints, and these compression socks will target the area for swift pain relief. The socks include ribbing within the arch, which will help to reduce any discomfort that you are experiencing. They are made from a light and breathable material that offers a snug fit, whilst ensuring that they can be worn all day and still feel pleasant. You may be wondering if the open toe feature can offer any additional benefits, and the answer is yes. They make sure that the socks aren’t too tight, as your toes can move freely, and this is also suitable during the warmer months. Your feet will still be protected!

Medical Open Toe Compression Socks

These compression socks are perfect to wear all day long, and they can also help to alleviate painful symptoms from various orthopaedic problems and reduce swelling in the feet and ankles, as well as enhancing your blood circulation. This is especially beneficial for pregnant women, whether they are on their feet throughout the day or travelling, as the socks will offer them assurance of comfort all day. The socks can also aid in preventing spider and varicose veins, whilst offering additional arch support and ankle protection. They won’t slip down and they absorb excess moisture and sweat.

Medical Open Toe Compression Socks with Zips

If you think you will benefit from wearing compression socks, then you will really like these as they come with zips! So, you can still enjoy the benefits of the socks, but with an easier way of putting them on and taking them off. Not only is this easier, but this is also much quicker. Perfect if you are in a rush! These compression socks are suitable for everyone, and pregnant women who require extra comfort due to swollen feet. The socks provide relief for various medical conditions and ailments, aiding in muscle recovery during day-to-day activities such as being in the office or the gym, or even whilst travelling. They really can be worn absolutely anywhere!

Final Words:

You can find all of these at 360 Relief, they have designed their compression socks to apply even pressure across your ankle joints and throughout your feet, which can help to comfort muscle fatigue and a variety of foot ailments. Wearing compression socks for your own personal care can really benefit you and these are all suitable for women to wear during pregnancy.