7 Best College Majors for Entrepreneurs

It’s often said that entrepreneurs should focus on business studies or marketing, as it’s exactly what helps to promote certain ideas and make services on offer seem appealing. While business schools and MBA degrees represent an obvious choice, it’s far not everything! The practice shows that being an entrepreneur is a mixture of gained knowledge and soft skills that help to cooperate and work in a challenging environment. Therefore, choosing your major, make sure that you are not getting stuck with a single discipline, and keep your mind open! 

7 Best College Majors For Entrepreneurs 

1. Computer Science. 

Starting with web apps development, SEO practices, and data analysis will help to boost your skills in most areas. If you have basic programming skills, you can continue with development services in the IT sphere. You can start with anything from web design to online studies or work with the meta-universe that’s currently backed up by the current Facebook team. 

2. Social Communication / HR Management. 

It’s not surprising that the world’s top companies hire skilled HR managers to control their resources and changes in the structure. Being able to communicate and explore various leadership styles is one of the most important aspects of modern entrepreneurship. If you have good social skills and would like to challenge yourself with global marketing or international work, look no further! 

3. Marketing & Business Studies. 

When you are looking for business schools, think about binding your marketing course to another subject. It means that choosing entrepreneurship as a college student, you must focus on a certain area like forensic sciences or political science. Just think about your career’s area, existing skills, internship options, and continue by exploring available curriculum programs. Think about what’s being included and ask questions if something remains unclear. 

4. Psychology. 

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur these days, you have to work and co-exist in a global environment. Choosing Psychology will help you to learn how to settle down various conflicts and find the most efficient solutions. You can also work as a business coach and provide individual training, which will help you to work as a freelancer. 

5. Fashion Design & Media Sciences. 

Don’t ignore subjects like Fashion and Media because these often include most subjects like economics, protection of intellectual rights, marketing, web design, development, stage presence, and so on. Starting from becoming a TV host to fabric design, it has a plethora of options. These majors for entrepreneurs also offer great internships all over the world, which must be taken into consideration, too. 

6. Economics. 

These may include financial studies and accounting among other things. It will include way more than reports and investment analysis because there will be case studies and written tasks that will require some reading. If it sounds too complex, consider checking TopEssayWriting for getting your papers and research work delivered on time. If you choose economics, start with a schedule and always read your grading rubric twice! 

7. Journalism. 

This major might be one of the most challenging, yet inspiring options. Becoming a journalist has numerous benefits because you can combine being an athlete or majoring in Music Producing and match it with being a journalist. As you unite both subjects, you can build a successful career as an entrepreneur. 

Consider Free Education Choices

This aspect is often missed as students these days prefer visiting online workshops and webinars that already relate to what they are learning. Without a doubt, these are quite helpful and provide innovative information, yet getting structured academic content that goes beyond what you learn is a different matter. Consider free courses at Coursera or Khan Academy by focusing on something that truly inspires. If you want to learn Java programming or study environmental science as an addition to business studies, it will help you to keep your mind open and learn differently. Remember that there is more than one academic choice! 


As an educator, business consultant, and entrepreneur, Barbara loves sharing her skills and experience in the fields of education, technology, and career-building. She often takes a different approach by making complex concepts accessible. Follow Barbara to brainstorm helpful ideas and get inspired.