7 Benefits of Hiring a San Francisco UX Agency for Your Business

Hiring a large UX company to work on your project may sound like a foolproof plan for success. Since many of these companies are reputable, they come with a seriously hefty price tag. Is there any advantage in hiring a design giant over a small designing firm in San Francisco? In some cases, bigger isn’t better. 

The lack of a corporate environment allows San Francisco UX design studios to be more flexible when working with their customers. There are fewer hoops to jump through and fewer chains of command to follow. The staff can work at their client’s pace and adapt to the company’s work ethic. This allows services to be better tailored to the client’s needs. 

Having a smaller staff usually means that employees are comfortable with one another and can brainstorm the best ideas together. Instead of tasking an individual with assembling creative content, the entire UX agency in San Francisco can sit in on a meeting to discuss content even if most of its staff is scattered around the world (via video conferencing, such as Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, etc.). 

San Francisco design consultancy tend to be more specific in their work, choosing to specialize in what they do best. In contrast, large agencies do anything and everything, favoring volume and broader marketing approaches. Frequently, large agencies are outsourcing their 5-figure projects to freelance designers for a much cheaper cost. Who is paying the difference in price for the same quality of work they would expect from engaging me directly? The client, of course. In many cases, the customer never knows that their work has been outsourced to some obscure freelancers because the project manager acts as the middleman between the two parties. 

But, when you hire a small but highly professional product design agency from San Francisco, you know what you pay for precisely. Moreover, you are welcome to participate in the design process, at least to a certain extent. Let’s look at some of the critical benefits of hiring an SF design agency for your business. 

Benefit #1. Smaller Overhead = Lower Project Costs 

Operating at a small scale, San Francisco UX studio has a small overhead. Large companies have a payroll they have to commit to every month, plus a big spacious office to pay rent. All this extra overhead cost gets transferred to the client’s project. 

Benefit #2. You Get the Entire Team for Your Project 

You may think that a company with 100 people would produce better work than a company with about ten employees. That can be further from the truth than you may expect. Just because a company has 150 employees, it doesn’t mean that all of these 150 people will be working on your project. Very often, you’ll first meet with the sales guy. Once you accept their proposal, a few people you have never met will be assigned to your project—for example, one project manager, one designer, and one developer. Big companies tend to funnel work to individual employees, like a big production-line in a factory: a designer designs and a programmer codes it. Think about it for a moment – would you place your project to be built on an assembly line? 

Simultaneously, working with a small San Francisco design firm will provide you access to the entire team for the whole duration of their work on your project. And you will be aware of every stage of the process. 

Benefit #3. Individualized Experience 

If this is important to you, then San Francisco design companies are your best choice. You get to talk to your designer and developer personally instead of having your project passed around different teams. In many cases, the director is the director and a designer, developer, and another team member. This means that turnaround times are much faster, as instructions are not being passed around the line. 

Benefit #4. San Francisco UX Agencies Are Built on Reputation 

A smaller user experience agency is constantly working on building its reputation and portfolio, which means satisfying every client is more important than ever. UX agencies’ work ethics in San Francisco are all about making sure that every client gets a website that everyone is proud of. 

Benefit #5. San Francisco UX Agencies Are Flexible 

SF agencies are more likely to be flexible than larger companies, where lower-level employees require following the Standard Operating Protocol or require the green light from the bosses to do something. 

Benefit #6. Subject Examination 

San Francisco design firms tend to focus on what they do best and not spread themselves too thin. It is not uncommon for an SEO company to provide some design services to complement its leading service. And while an SEO company would be excellent at handling SEO, they probably have a small team to do fast and quick designs for their clients. The focus will never be on the site or app design but the SEO service afterward. The result would be a run-of-the-mill, quick job for something so crucial to your business. And, considering our mobile-centric society, how can that be just done quickly and cheaply? 

San Francisco UX design studios do just that – UX design and handle all of its aspects well. This is one of the things that make them such great players in the modern design industry. 

Benefit #7. Personalized Technical Support 

Offering support is a huge advantage that a UX design agency in San Francisco has over large companies. Many companies have the personnel to provide technical support, but you won’t get the needed degree of personalization towards your particular project in large companies. Clients who are committing significant resources to their projects expect that the UX design consultancy they choose to partner with will support their site or app after launch. Product design companies San Francisco have the upper hand in this regard as their teams are mainly spread across the entire world, and they know exactly how to fix your issue. 


Defined job roles within a large company could mean working with a handful of different people throughout a project. This can make it challenging to ensure that your ideas are being executed perfectly. You most likely won’t run into this problem with boutique agencies, where staff works with their clients from the beginning stages to completion. In addition to providing tailored services, SF design studios help their customers save some serious money.