7 Benefits Of Call Tracking Services For Your Business

If phone leads are part of your marketing strategy, you can never go wrong with considering call tracking services for your business. 

With Call Tracking – CallScaler.com , it’s easy to gather actionable and detailed data to improve your marketing efforts. Typically, it works by assigning tracking phone numbers of your marketing campaigns, whether offline or online. Each tracking number gets forwarded to your primary business phone number, enabling your staff to answer calls made directly to that phone line. Since calls came in with tracking numbers, getting more information on the callers is much easier. 

Using Dial800 call tracking services for your business can also help determine if your marketing efforts are paying off or require more improvements to deliver the desired results. There are other benefits you can enjoy from using call tracking services, and these include the following:

  1. Help Track Offline Engagements

Call tracking services help you keep track of your marketing channels offline. Rather than asking your callers how they found your business, you can quickly know through the phone numbers they’ve called.

It’s a great way to know if your offline engagements are working or not, whether it’s radio and TV ads or trade show participation. Remember, even if it’s a single-page flyer, it’s crucial to monitor your major or minor marketing efforts.

  1. Offer Better Customer Service Insights

By recording and tracking all the phone calls of your business, you can get insights into your customers’ experience when calling your customer service. It’s an excellent way to recover your lost leads as you’ll be able to know how your customer service team performs.

Basically, your customer service is the first and often the only impression of your business that your customers will experience. By checking and listening to your company’s phone calls, you can track agent performance and be aware of the number of missed calls.

With a better idea of your business’s customer service, you’ll have the chance to reward those who are doing a great job and provide the necessary training for your team. You can even make some internal changes that are necessary to capture leads in the future.

  1. Help Track Your Return On Investment (ROI) 

Once you discover which marketing campaigns are driving the most calls to your business, you’ll know how to spend your budget for ads better. Tracking your ROI can make a difference to save more money on your marketing budget. 

By eliminating particular ad campaigns that don’t deliver results and investing more in effective campaigns and strategies, you’ll be able to generate better profits.

  1. Boost Your Sales Training

Your staff members should undergo regular training if you want to improve how your business operates and boost your sales conversions. With call tracking services, it’s not impossible to achieve.

The reason behind it is that call tracking enables you to record and monitor phone calls to establish where the changes should be made. It’ll help you enhance your sales training process by figuring out the possible problems within your system and distinguishing which of your customer service agents require additional training.

  1. Enable You To Make Smart And Quick Decisions

Most call tracking services provide reports that include all the information you need, such as the number of calls, callers, and lengths of calls. All of these details can be accessed anytime or even anywhere you are, enabling you to make wise and quick decisions to respond to your customer’s changing needs in a better and more effective manner.

  1. Know Your Peak Hours

Call tracking services don’t only help you determine which ad campaigns are working. It also provides you data about the hours when your business gets more calls. By knowing the peak hours of your business, you can quickly schedule your team’s shifts. Take note, having enough agents who can answer all calls can be the key to providing excellent customer service.

  1. Help Refine Your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Efforts

Call tracking services can also be of great help to improve your SEO. You may use it to collect information about your pay-per-click (PPC) marketing to know what specific keywords are generating calls. With this, you can easily refine your SEO and pay attention to the keywords that are effective in attracting potential customers.


With the above benefits of call tracking services, there’s no doubt that it’s one of the powerful marketing tools that many businesses can take advantage of. This is especially true in terms of improving ROI and boosting conversion rates. Other than that, it enables business owners to zone in on the issues that exist in their teams and gives them the chance to fix them as soon as possible to get better results in the long run.


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