6 Website Design Trends in 2021 to Grab Attention of the Visitors

Website Design trends continue to evolve and change every year. It is a way to discover what could be improvised to ensure better user engagement. With the years passing by there has been a significant change in the digital arena, particularly how the information is displayed on the website. A creative web design approach and amazing user experience matter the most in the online world, and perhaps these are the deciding factor, whether your brand is a successful one or not. Without further ado, we are jumping into the upcoming website trend that will change the overall user experience for years to come.  

  1. Beautiful Fonts

As far as website designers are concerned, they always have a special affection for San serif fonts. But with the changing times, the belief changed. In 2021, the resolutions and screen sizes matter the most, hence the reason why the concept of San serif font is now no longer in practice. With the changing times, web design companies in the UK have become aware that they have to show their creative side of things by having beautiful fonts that make websites stand out in the crowd.

  • Minimalistic Approach

Despite the fact minimalistic approach has been around for a long time, yet it continues to dominate the world of website design. The concept is all about making use of empty space, shapes, and a limited palette of colors within the website. In 2021, colorful minimalism is also in demand, comprising bold backgrounds and other aesthetic elements of design. One of the main reasons to include a minimalistic approach to the website is because of its appealing and pleasing effect.

  • Animated Parallax

As far as modern website design trends are concerned, parallax never went out of focus. It was always present. One of the key reasons to include parallax on the website is because it creates a mesmerizing effect on the visitor. In 2021, the websites have started implementing subtle changes, and animated parallax is one of them. However, animation within the parallax should not distract the users while reading important information available on the website.

  • Dark Mode

In 2021, many website designs decided to experiment with a darker version of their website. Perhaps taking inspiration from many social media platforms. Having a dark mode on the website relaxes the eyes of the visitors. Furthermore, it also helps saving battery to a considerable extent. In fact, there is nothing new about having a dark mode on the website. It was something that was practised three decades earlier. But now in 2021, it is back in demand and gives an impressive outlook by combining with other modern aspects. 

  • Causes Oriented Websites

With the outbreak of the contagious COVID-19 pandemic, everything has changed for the better. Now the businesses and brands are more afloat. Hence a year after the world has endured the suffering, web designers have focused their attention on giving more value to their customers. Virtues and community involvement has become a norm in today’s era more than it has ever been in the past.

  • Interactive Storytelling

With the help of user-experience animation, interactive storytelling is getting the world by storm. It is an essential practice to ensure that the customers spend more time on websites. However, even though it is a way to improve ranking, it at the same time proves to be expensive and consumes a lot of time.


The above-mentioned 6 website design trends in 2021 are ideal to grab the attention of the visitors. Britain Web Studios is a go-to website design company that has a talented team of website designers, who are aware of modern design trends. The goal is to ease the life of the visitor, with an easy approach, without having too much detail.


Amy Jackson works as an advertising specialist at web design and development agency, she is an inspired writer who loves to share her experiences using lovely words. Her passion for writing has made her produce numerous articles on design, SEO, digital marketing and business. You can also follow the author on Twitter