6 Web Development Trends to Stay Ahead

Whether it is web development or mobile app development, everything is changing with time! 

Web development is not a new topic, but it is certainly growing with time. As time is passing, the need for technological solutions is growing. In today’s world, if you want your brand or your business to stay ahead of the competition then you’ve to embrace technology. 

Web development is a route to connecting with your audience through an online presence. From blogging websites to a full-fledge e-commerce store, it’s all a matter of time when everything goes online. 

Here are 6 web development trends that have the potential of maximizing your online presence, so you grab more attention from your audience. 

Push Notifications 

Push notifications are a wonderful way to stay connected with your audience without the need to email them every little detail. The audience can easily subscribe to their favorite websites to stay updated on the topic. Everyone must have seen a pop-up notification on their screen consisting of some text. The remote push notifications are handled by the remote server. If you have an interesting website and want your audience to stay updated, then this is the best way. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used everywhere where the intelligent agents perceive from their environment and take actions to meet their goals. Almost all technological innovations that are seen in the market including virtual assistants, Chatbots, etc. they all are an example of Artificial Intelligence. 

AI and its implications in the field of web development lead to a speedy search for products, interacting with website visitors, and so much more. This trend is gaining momentum in website development. 

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is nothing but the delivery of on-demand computing services over the internet. Cloud computing works in different ways including IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS. Furthermore, cloud computing comes with different deployment methods as well. Cloud computing is becoming famous day by day because of its application in almost every other field. Web development can also benefit from cloud computing resulting in a reduced risk of losing data or its manipulation. 

Machine Learning

Machine Learning comes under Artificial Intelligence where all decisions are taken by looking at the data. This field involves the study of statistical models and algorithms to check for interferences and patterns. If you have searched for an item online and instantly started to see a lot of ads related to that on the internet, then it’s all because of Machine Learning. The recommendation engines are based on Machine Learning to show relevant results to the audience. 


Customer service representatives have served customers for a very long time and even today. However, Chatbots prove to an exceptional tool to assist customers in your absence when they visit your website. It’s based on Artificial Intelligence where the bots can communicate with the audience through audio or text and help them with their query. The chatbot is tested by a Turing Test to see if it can give human-like responses to the audience.  


Augmented Reality is related to adding digital elements to the original picture or live view with the help of a smartphone camera. If you use Snapchat, Facebook, or Instagram filters, then you must be well aware of it. 

When it comes to Virtual Reality, it’s related to a complete immersion experience by using devices such as HTC Vive, Google Cardboard, and others. 

Web development can benefit from AR because it can add to the beauty of web pages. The prospects of this technology are unlimited, which is why it is getting all the attention. 


Blockchain technology has various applications in the website development industry. For instance, it can help in reducing the security breaches that lead to losing important data in no time. Securing and managing data can become very easy by putting Blockchain technology in place. Currently, this technology is being used in manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and other industries as well.

Final Words  

When it comes to website development, several different technologies can be used to enhance the user experience. From protecting the data to beautifying web pages, every technology holds a great space in transforming the web development industry.

If you’re wondering how these technologies can enter the world, then they have already. Many of the mentioned technologies are currently used in the industry to improve user experience and gain more audience. The search engines, user demands, and everything else are changing with time, so it’s best to invest in it today to make the most of it tomorrow. 

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