6 Ways to Use Assets You Own to Advertise Your Business

Marketing is a must for any business. That’s not just for growth but even frequently survival. Using assets you own to advertise your business is a savvy move.

Most Important Information You Should Advertise

You only have about a second of consumers’ attention to get your point across. Your advertising needs to let them know:

  • Your business name
  • What you offer them
  • How to reach you

A memorable website name is going to be much easier for them to remember than a phone number. With just a bit of nominal investment into some printing or creativity, you can advertise your business using assets it already owns.

Business Vehicles

Any business vehicle you have is a chance to advertise your company. It’s one that you should not waste. It doesn’t matter if your business vehicles actually deal with the public or not. They’re visible to people on the roads, so you need to put advertising on their sides. That advertising will be spotted anytime your vehicles are moving or parked. You don’t even have to add permanent markings to your vehicles with magnetic signs made at most sign stores. Alternatively you can get some custom truck decals to really stand out wherever you drive or park. Try leaving your vehicles parked closest to the road. If possible, put them perpendicular to the road so drivers see them easiest. Placing them near intersections is even better for the most exposure.

Exterior Walls

The exterior walls of your business are another place you can advertise using a place and space you already own or have control over. You’ll have to check your municipal regulations about what’s permissible and not, and you might need to consult your landlord or property manager if you lease a space. More often that not, anyone owning your property will work with you about putting up advertising. The more business you get, the longer you can pay them rent. Don’t give up if permanent advertising isn’t allowed for certain reasons. You can always print and hang a UV-resistant waterproof banner that lasts for months on end.

Play With Stickers

Even if you didn’t play with stickers much as a kid, chances are good someone on your staff did. Figure out who they are, and then ask them to consider your business windows as a potential commercial. Window decals are cheaper to design and print than ever, and you can have them made for external or internal application. Anyone driving up to or by your business should be able to quickly know what’s available to them inside your doors just by doing window shopping with their eyes.

A-Frame the Sidewalk

Does your store location get a lot of foot traffic going by the front door? Do not a lot of them enter? You might not own the actual sidewalk outside your doors, but you probably assume the responsibility of cleaning it quite often. A metal or plastic A-frame is a minimal expense, and it’s an effective one if you can insert and remove signage on each side. Use big letters and bold colors that people walking through can read with just a glance. Let them know what they can get if they just follow the arrow at the bottom pointing to your doors. You can also just skip the A-frame and have a staff artist get creative with chalk on the sidewalk.

Employee Uniforms

If your staff wear uniforms, then you have prime advertising space to take advantage of. Anyone who enters your store has already made the decision to spend money on a particular product or service. They just haven’t decided which specific product or service yet. They might even still be deciding who will provide it. If they’re in your store, then they’re interested, and you have a chance. Anyone looking around for an employee will automatically read the shirts they wear, so be sure there’s something catchy and informative to help their decision-making process along.


Whether you’re a business that hands out products in bags or boxes, anything customers get their physical hands is an advertising medium you need to use. Include your business logo and name, what you offer, why they should embrace it, and how to find you. Bags from certain retailers are easy to spot a mile away with the right logo, and if you walk through any apartment complex, the Amazon packages are just as obvious.

Key Takeaways

Advertising your business through mediums it already owns or has control over is a cost-effective means of marketing. Consider using:

  1. Vehicle signage
  2. Decorating your exterior walls
  3. Making the most of window shopping
  4. Sidewalk messaging
  5. Custom employee uniforms
  6. Branding your packaging

A little investment and creativity can result in a lot of new business.