6 Ways To Streamline Proofing Workflows

When you’re trying to get a project through its crucial final stages, it’s essential to stay organized. Unfortunately, most proofing methods used today can be counterproductive, throw up additional barriers unnecessarily and slow down the review and approval process. These delays are not only time-consuming but can end up costing your company money.

Increasingly, marketing teams are turning towards online proofing software to organize their workflows and save time. Many of these systems don’t come with the right tools and are not designed with the creative professionals’ priorities in mind.

WeAproove is industry-leading workflow approval software that will give you a greater sense of control over the proofing process with every project. Here are seven ways that WeAproove can streamline your proofing workflows and help your team use their time more productively.

  1. Customize your process

Creating a workflow that suits your companies’ needs or those of your clients is hugely instrumental in making your proofing process quicker and more effective. WeAproove gives you plenty of customization options, allowing you to define process steps, assign roles, permissions, and more. Keep your team on track with proof routing and custom tasks.   

  1. Organize feedback

One of the most inefficient aspects of current online proofing systems is the tedious process of interpreting unclear feedback, which can easily be misunderstood and lead to further revisions. With WeAproove’s comments, threads, and @mention features, you can get clear and concise feedback making sure notes and annotations are understood.

  1. Communicate in real-time

Over email, it can be nearly impossible to gather all project participants at one time for an in-depth discussion of the proof. The alternative is a time-consuming and potentially unproductive in-person meeting. WeAproove uses cloud-based software and pushes technology to allow team members to collaborate instantly and on any device, cutting away dead time.

  1. Annotate more clearly

Current proofing workflows leave far too much room for ambiguity, leading to version control and miscommunication issues. WeAproove gives you unprecedented authority over the management of annotations on a project. Group users together to share notes, control permissions, and privacy settings and select the most relevant annotations for review.

  1. Automate workflows
    Being able to anticipate what comes next in your proofing process is the key to better workflow management. Benefit from remarkable flexibility and improved efficiency by automating relevant elements of your workflow in WeAproove. 
  2. Visualize all tasks

To make informed and authoritative decisions during the proofing process, you need to access all the relevant information at once. In WeAproove, all project data is centralized on a user-friendly dashboard, allowing managers to quickly review status, monitor and analyze progress, and manage tasks. WeAproove is highly visual, with a concerted focus on readability and clarity


These are just some of the advanced yet intuitive features that WeAproove implements to accelerate and simplify proofing workflows for creative teams, saving not only time but resources that can then be spent growing your business even further. Sound interesting? We offer a full, no-obligation trial of WeAproove, allowing you to reap the rewards for yourself.

Ellen Hollington

Ellen Hollington is a freelance writer who offers to ghostwrite, copywriting, and blogging services. She works closely with B2C and B2B businesses providing digital marketing content that gains social media attention and increases their search engine visibility.