6 Ways to Send and Receive Business Cards on iPhone

Our way of connecting with people over the world is evolving with time, perhaps we can blame the highly infectious coronavirus pandemic for this vast change in our lives, however, increasing reliance on technology and considering it as a viable way to connect with our peers was something that was inevitable. 

However, the push we have for the remote operation we have received, working online has turned out to be a common practice for most of us.

With that being said, the natural way of exchanging contact information which was held by giving off a business card has also been turned into a remote operation and is now being currently held with the help of digital business cards. 

Though sending and receiving business cards happens to be a practice we used to do in the 20th century, but once you combine this practise with your iPhone, you can witness the powerful gear your phone will become to manage all your contacts with ease.  

As a matter of fact, the old and traditional way of sending and receiving smart business cards do exist in society, however, thanks to the modern slew of business card scanning apps which one can easily get his hands on via the Apple store, you now have the opportunity to turn your networking experience into a smooth one. 

With that being said, let take a dive into some of the best ways you can send and receive your business cards on your iPhone, that too with ease! 

1. Send Via vCards 

Seeking for one of the easiest ways in which you can send your business contact information to your potential leads and clients out there? Then allow us to introduce you to vCards.

According to experts, you won’t be able to find any other way that allows you to trade your digital business card with ease, than the vCards. 

Sharing your business card is super easy, and can be done by following the steps below: 

  • Open contact book in your iPhone, select the contact to whom you are looking forward to sending your digital business card. 
  • Once you install vCards, a vCard file would be created in your iPhone. Click on the contact and a new window would appear in which you would be deciding the platform from which you are going to share your digital business card from, here you need to select vCard. 
  • Now, once you pressed to share, a recipient of your card would get open, where you might need to fill out your contact information to their address book. 
  • Press send, and your digital business card is sent to your desired contact.  

The procedure happens to be the same when someone sends you a vCard. All you need to do is to tap the vCard and you would be directed towards the window where your iPhone asks you whether to save the new contact or not, tap save, and you would receive a digital business card from your client. 

This is how easily one can share and receive your business card with an iPhone! 

2. HiHello Digital Business Cards

Want to send a business card over your iPhone? That too without going through any trouble? Then Hihello can surely suit best with your taste and would provide you with a profound experience. 

What counts to be the best part of using Hi Hello to trade your business information cards is that the recipient or the person you are trying to send your digital business card doesn’t even need to have this app installed over their phone, as the operation could still be checked out with it.  

In addition to this, what makes this app to get one of the priority lists of people is that this app is highly versatile and can easily be operated on either IOS or an Android device. 

All you need to do is to provide your recipient with a link to your business card via the help of the Hihello app, and your recipient would be able to access your business card instantly! 

3. ABBYY Business Card Reader 

Are you one of those people who has a really large international clientele?

Then you might need an app that can surely be strong enough to distinguish between a wide range of languages and interpret accurate data in your home languages, and if that’s the case, then this Business card reader by Abby would surely suit best with your taste. 

What makes this business card reader stand out from the other models is that it comes in handy with premium OCR software that happens to be helpful when it comes to recognizing person names, company names, phone numbers, and email addresses of your international clientele in 25 different languages.  

In addition to this, one can get important business card details on his iPhone with the help of this app, that too with precise edge detection of the business card.

The scanner this app comes with clears the background of the business card and clutter and grabs the clean image of the business card to provide you with a profound experience! 

4. CamCard Business Card Scanner 

Since the time this Camcard business card scanner has made its way into society, it has created quite a fandom of its own. This popular app allows you to digitize your card one at a time, or you can scan your cards in batches, that too with hundred percent efficiency. 

What counts to be the best part of this scanner is that it supports up to 16 languages, hence no matter in what language you receive a business card, you would be able to translate it into your mother tongue super easily. 

In addition to that, if you have a large network and managing them seems to be a daunting task for you, so via the help of this business card scanner, you can add extra notes and reminders to your contact information.

On the off chance that you quit your job or moved to another firm, then you would be able to make others know about this change. 

In addition to that, you can create new customized business cards for yourself as well with this business card scanner, and can easily share them via the help of Facebook or WhatsApp. 

Being a one-stop solution to every problem, this would surely suit best with your taste. 

5. Microsoft Office Lens

Though dedicated business cards and contact management apps have managed to create quite a fandom of their own, and the perk it comes with, they have been on the top pick for most people. However, there are some people as well who don’t need these types of apps.

 And with that being said, if you are one of those people, then there are two types of alternatives you can have to collect and receive your business card over your iPhone. 

You can either consider a Microsoft Office lens or you can use One Note for the job. Microsoft Office lens happens to come with scanning mode that allows you to scan your business card productively.

 Whereas OneNote uses OCR that extracts the content from the business card you just received and allows you to save it as a new contact in your phone. 

They both support many languages, hence language would surely not be a problem for you to face. Both of these options would surely suit best with your taste. 

6. Evernote  

When we talk about scanning business cards, then you won’t find a better option than Evernote that would be suitable for this job. What counts to be the best part of this Evernote IOS app is that it precisely recognizes the dimensions of the business card, then scans and extracts the elements out of it. 

It’s super easy to use supernote, all you need to do is to launch this app, press and hold the large plus sign, and then you would be directed to drag an image to the app. Drag the business card image you received in the app, and then allow Evernote to do its magic! 


While wrapping it all up, Digital business cards happen to be a thing of the modern world, and for the perks and worth it comes in handy with, it has managed to create quite a fandom of its own. 

As of now, most of the companies has started shifting themselves on the digital business cards, in order to be in the competition, and stand out from the crowd, it becomes extremely important for you to get yourself educated about the operations of the digital business card, and the viable ways in which you can send or receive them via companies, or from via your clients. 

iPhone happens to be a strong tool in the world of smartphones, and what can prove to be more beneficial than sending and receiving your digital business cards on this masterpiece. 

With that being said, we are absolutely sure of the fact that above-mentioned ways would be of great viable help to you, and would provide you with a profound experience while trading your digital business card with the world!