It may sound unfortunate, but sometimes even when you give your best, it just doesn’t work out, and you meet the deadline with zero work done. But these, horror deadline stories are common among people with PhDs. But why does this happen? Sometimes just due to the stress-induced factor that everyone puts on themselves. Keeping your mind calm and writing your thesis should be the mantra. You must be trying hard to complete all of your work time, but still, the last month of the Ph.D. looks pretty overwhelming anyway. Finishing a thesis without stress is probably impossible, but it doesn’t have to be a miserable experience.  

Are you also one of those researchers who overwhelmingly find it hard to meet the deadline? Or do you find it hard to fulfill your checkpoints without further motivation? And the thought of deadline blooming ceases your productivity even more? However, if you follow some simple and realistic rules. You might be enjoying more in the last months of your degree program instead of constantly dealing with stress and deteriorating that precious time.



Usually, before submitting the proposal or even upon submitting the proposal, there are some timelines provided by your supervisor or your university for different checkpoints of the thesis that need to be met. These deadlines can also find on the university’s website. When do you have to submit your proposal? When you can defend your dissertation and all. Keep these deadlines in your mind while preparing your dissertation. If you have not given any, ask your supervisors for it. And even if they don’t give you any deadline, maybe they haven’t set any till yet. Make sure that you make your own realistic deadline that you should be meeting with each task of your dissertation.


When working on a Ph.D. thesis, you should know the importance of planning. Of course, you know, that’s why you are here, at the very end stage of your Ph.D. You have done many projects management before; you might be pretty good at it. Why change it now? These last months might be hectic, so plan ahead everything, every little or big thing you need to accomplish before your final deadline. Start from the proposal, get help with that if needed, not only Ph.D. but also get help from Masters Dissertation Proposal Writing Service to do your task. All of these things might be chaotic for you, but they will be worth all the effort you have made to come this far.


We mentioned above to meet your own made deadlines, but why is it difficult?

We sometimes find it really difficult to meet our deadlines as if are they even real deadlines. Or maybe just a time block that can be changed according to life circumstances. And on the other hand, we always make sure that we meet our college and university deadlines, because we know that they can be changed. Just that the deadline we made were options and changeable. But the one that was imposed from the outside were vital to being met at any cost. However, you have to convince yourself that you have to make it with your deadlines and goals seriously.


At this stage, it would be better that you consult your advisor when you need direct feedback only; otherwise, unnecessary arguments and changing the direction might wreck your efforts. Consult them only for proofreading and editing at the very end. But who will help you at this point? Sitting there and wondering ‘someone could write my dissertation cheap so that I will have my dissertation and my money too. Instead, you can opt for online services for positive feedback and any help you need because all these minor grammatical and spelling mistakes will only divert the reader’s mind and will eventually lead you to unnecessary criticism.


Although, some people might return to the era of writing a thesis on a typewriter because storing data and text in digital forms has its own risks. Unfortunately, it would be a cherry on the top if you lose the data on which you have made so many efforts. It will always be a smart step to store your data and multiple places and update it. Make sure that you are saving it from time to time. Another good option will be if you keep your data on emails. Because it is the one source from which the data can be revived from anywhere. Not only for your Ph.D. thesis, but it is important to record all your academic reports, small project or research, and whatever work you have done.


You might wonder reading this how one can enjoy the thesis when dealing with so much stress and anxiety. But there is a lot to enjoy. Think about the time, some few years ago, when you were sitting and even panicking on formulating a research question for your these. And now Infront of you, are hundreds of pages that answer those questions and are ready to convince everyone. How come you come this far? Carousal in the attention smothered on you and your work by your supervisors who have been seeing you struggling for years and take pride in your accomplishments. You deserve to be relieved and content when you have come this far by your hard work.


Universities and colleges have different criteria. You can only catch up to those criteria when you grasp your hands on their deadline and guidelines. One can always reduce the stress-inducing factor from the last month or week of their thesis by adopting some good achievable tips and commitment. Just plan your thesis; always try to be one step ahead of deadlines. Start planning it early and give yourself deserving breaks which lift your creativity.