6 Ways to Improve Your Vocabulary for GMAT

One way to improve upon writing skills is to add new words to the vocabulary. English is the largest of most languages, and it also means that there is a word for almost every object, action, etc. Whether you are writing or speaking, you would never run out of words to learn and use. Moreover, the time you spend on enhancing the vocabulary is the time you invest in writing skills.

1-Inculcate Reading Habit

Vocabulary building is easiest when you read their meaning in the context. When you come across words in a novel or newspaper article, it is far easier to comprehend their meaning than when they appear in the vocabulary lists. Not just you come across the words you were not aware of, but you also come to know their usage. Use Kaplan discount code to get the best book for reading.

2-Use Dictionary and Thesaurus

Online dictionaries and thesaurus are helpful only when they are used correctly. You can come across the synonyms, which may be better words in the context of writing. Full dictionary definition also educates you about the antonyms, root of the words, and the related words to improve the vocabulary.

3-Spend Time Playing Word Games

Classic word games like scrabble can function as a way to expand the English vocabulary. The crossword puzzles can also be helpful. If you want to be efficient, play different rounds of these word games and also take notes. Keep a list of different words that you have learned while playing the game. Study the list regularly.

4-Try Flashcards

Another smart way to build a large vocabulary is to study many words using flashcards. Nowadays, you can easily find several apps with which you can use flashcards on the smartphone conveniently and easy to organize too. Instead of rush through them keep an aim for one word in a day which is also reasonable. It is unreasonable to try learning several words in a day.

5-Go for Free Subscriptions

Numerous websites will take up a word and explain the meaning and usage to help expand the vocabulary. When you are preparing the word list, you can add these words regularly.

6-Practice Using New Words in Conversation

You can amass a large vocabulary without knowing how to use words. It means you have to take it upon yourself to put the personal dictionary in use. If you come across an exciting word while reading, try to use them in conversation. Keep in mind that vocabulary words are those that can be recalled and used automatically. Learning vocabulary is valuable when you use the words in writing or speaking. You should also them correctly. A key benefit of better vocabulary is the ability to use standard and tricky words with precision.


Use the ideas and get the best material using the Kaplan discount code. In this way, you can enhance your vocabulary and also look forward to better scores on GMAT.