6 Ways Luxury Travel Will Change After COVID-19

Luxury travel is going to become a treasure hunting business after COVID-19. Travelers are going to have to search for the different amenities that they can live with and live without. Traveling is going to be a lot different following the pandemic than it was previously. 

Experts agree that luxury in travel post-COVID will look a lot different than in the past.


1. Luxury Travel May Mean Staying Home

Staycations are here to stay – at least until 2021. The travel sector will experience a lull in long haul travel as more people look to stay home rather than travel. The COVID-19 pandemic has allowed many people to find comfort in their own homes, and it is already becoming a popular choice in travel in Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is known for having a lot of luxury properties, and these wealthier travelers are expected to stay home. 

Why travel with family when you have all the luxuries at home?

Domestic travel is expected to return first, as more people want a change. It’s expected that travel’s future will remain domestic before more people choose luxury international travel in 2021.  

2. Privacy Will Remain Supreme

A lot of luxury travel will focus on privacy. Travel by yacht has always been about privacy, but now people are going to take it to a new level. People want to be able to see sites and go to popular locations, but they want to remain distanced from others.

Experts agree that the travel and hospitality industry will benefit from offering privacy-related amenities.

It is expected that the wealthy will travel by:

  • Private jets
  • Private yachts

Private rentals or secluded hotels are expected to be extremely popular among affluent travelers. Gatherings with loved ones will increase while more people seek out this higher level of privacy.

There has been a new boom in the travel industry: travelers are able to book hotel rooms where they have their own private helicopter landing pads. There are also a lot of properties that are offering expansive lawns that are private and allow for proper social distancing practices.

3. Shopping for Travel is Going to Change

Luxury travel providers will focus a lot on the cleaning and health priorities of different luxury resorts. There are new cleaning guidelines out by the CDC and other major centers for disease control that a lot of luxury travelers are going to expect the hospitality industry to follow when paying for accommodations.

There is going to be demand for a higher level of cleanliness, and this will likely be a number one priority for a lot of wealthy travelers.

Health and safety will be a major selling point for accommodations, and social distancing will be equally as important. If there is a second wave and third wave of the coronavirus, as projected by the CDC, luxury travelers want to be prepared so that their travel accommodations are not impacted.

While location and luxury will remain important, travel shopping will be a treasure hunt for health and safety practices.

4. Luxury as a Definition Will Expand

The very definition of luxury travel is expected to change, according to some experts. What experts are suggesting is that luxury travel will now include:

  • New layers of trust
  • New layers of flexibility
  • Enhanced safety

Of course, travelers will also be wanting the same old luxuries that they had before, but the experience will be a little bit different. There will be more attention to detail in the quality of service and excellence that is offered. For the foreseeable future, travel as a whole will change to incorporate these elements.

5. Apps are Going to Change Check-ins

Apps are going to be changing the way people check in and out of resorts. Since contactless opportunities are becoming more abundant, many high-end hotels are offering this opportunity to their guests.

The Ocean Club, a high-end resort in the Bahamas, is offering a free app that allows guests to check into their hotel without ever having to come in contact with another person.

The app also allows for guests to be able to call on staff directly from the app.

It’s also expected that there will be thermal scanners upon arrival that will make sure that people’s temperatures are in a sufficient range. High temperatures are associated with the coronavirus.

There is also expected to be, and this is already in some resorts in Bali, new ways to sanitize suitcases upon arrival.

6. PPE Kits for Guests

In effort to make sure that all guests are going to be safe while at a resort, many are offering different levels of personal protective equipment. There are travel resorts offer incomplete kits inside of rooms that include:

  • Sanitizing wipes
  • Masks
  • Gloves
  • Personal hand sanitizer

There has also been a reduction in touch points inside of these accommodations as well as inside of rooms. This means that there will be fewer touch points during travel that many travelers are used to, including:

  • Minibar items
  • Decorative pillows
  • Magazines
  • Water bottles

Sanitization will take on a more intensive role. Some travel resorts, ones that opened in May, are offering rooms that have been cleaned and emptied for at least 24 hours to ensure that the virus is not present in the room upon anyone’s arrival.

Other resorts and spas are offering thorough cleaning and disinfecting of all rooms and linens using special techniques that ensure particles do not get into the air.

Guests that want to further ensure that they have as little contact as possible will be able to request that housekeeping stays out of the room during their entire stay. While this may reduce the amount of luxury that people are used to, it will also reduce contact points and the potential to spread the virus.

What is evident is that high-end travelers are still going to be going on vacation. One survey found that 90% of people at a high-income bracket are not planning to break their travel accommodations between June and August.

Have you experienced any change in luxury travel?


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