6 Watch Care and Maintenance Tips

Watches are no longer time-keeping devices. Nowadays, most people wear luxury watches to flaunt their style, personality and accentuate their outfits. Sadly, many purchase a pricey watch, and put in on unit it dies! They fail to understand that caring can prolong its life. No matter the type of watch, it’s crucial to take good care of it and ensure that it stays in top- condition. But, if your watch is old-fashioned or worn out, replace it isn’t a bad idea. Check out mens watches sale online, and you’ll get a stunning timepiece for the best price.


Here are watch maintenance tips that you should know:

  1.  Understand the features 

    Knowing all the features of your watch makes it easier to care for it. For instance, understand the difference between waterproof and water resistance. If your watch is water partisans, check the user guide for the amount of water that it can withstand. If there’s condensation on the inner side of the face, take it to professional instantly. Most watches can also withstand shocks, but it’s advisable to keep off serious impacts.

  2. Wear the right watch
    Different watch designs suit various purposes. Acquire the right one for your specific event. For instance, if you engage in sports that require rigorous motions, opt for a quality high water-resistant piece. It should also feature shatter-proof functions. A continuous motion may affect the movement of the hand.

  3. Use genuine batteries

    If you have to replace your watch’s batteries, go for genuine ones that are specifically designed for that type of watch. Replace them often depending on the batteries lifespan. Only do this, if sure that you can do it by yourself without damaging your watch. Otherwise, seek help from an authorized dealer to avoid scratching other parts. Most shops will clean the inner parts of your watch, get rid of stubborn dirt and replace your battery.

  4. Clean your watch regularly

    Just like many other devices, your watch requires regular cleaning. If the metal bracelet is removable, detach it and soak it in water with a mild detergent. This way, the dirt will loosen, which makes it easier to clean.

     Use a soft-bristled brush to scrub the bracelet, rinse and dry using a soft cloth. Moreover, avoid using perfumes, moisturizers or chemicals near your wrist, they can erode the band. To prevent fading, keep the strap away from direct sunlight.

  5.  Wind your watch rightly.

    Wind your watch so that it can always tell the accurate time. If you have a manual mechanical one, do this once daily. If yours has an automatic mechanical movement, wind it once per every two weeks if you wear it every day. Also, have it serviced by an expert routinely, and this ensures optimal functioning.

    6. Appropriate storage is key!
    Keep your watch in a dry place free from dampness or dust. Acquire some drying agents to ensure that the area stays dry. Also, put it away from magnets and chemical solvents, and avoid keeping very hot or extremely cold surfaces.

    If your watch features a leather band, ensure that it doesn’t come into contact with water. Otherwise, it will sink and break once dry. Even if you own a waterproof watch, take it off while bathing, swimming or diving. Doing this will affect the rubber case performance of the casing. 

The bottom line

Always handle your watch with care, and limit yourself to caring for the exteriors.  For the internal parts, leave this for the professionals. Also, go through the manufacturer’s manual. It guides you on how to better care for your watch, and troubleshoot minor malfunctions. But, if not sure where the problem lies, it’s advisable to have a professional check it to avoid further damage.