6 Useful Tips for Designing Eye Catchy Custom Subscription Boxes 

If you run an e-commerce brand, you already know that a subscription box is a way of life and can take your brand and products to the next level. It’s one of the finest methods to keep current members happy and gives new subscribers the first impression of your company. 

It’s all about the experience when it comes to custom subscription boxes. But how do you provide your customers with a mesmerizing, unboxing experience?  

Is it enough to print on the inside? What about embellishing features? It all begins with your generic design ideas. The packaging should be designed as per your targeted audience and marketing campaign.  

Let’s look at six useful tips to design eye-grabbing subscription boxes! 

What Is A Subscription Box? 

A subscription box is a paperboard container that acts as a promotional tool to take your products and brand to new heights of success. It’s easy to assemble thanks to its interlocking flaps and wings, and it doesn’t require tape for its assembling. Due to its side walls, it is more sturdy and tear-resistant than the conventional type of packaging.  

  1. Evaluate Your Target Audience  

A better understanding of your customer at the start of the subscription box design process is essential for real success. While the prior advice is necessary, how will your design function if you don’t understand what your client wants? 

Make a consumer profile and utilize it to target certain customers with your designs. If they want something luxurious, classy black packaging can be the solution. They may prefer organic materials, so a wood grain pattern or a green accent would be ideal. 

Every decision you make regarding your subscription box should be seen through the lens of your intended market. You’ll be successful if you start the procedure there. 

  1. Analyze Your Product 

This is one of the essential steps in designing subscription boxes. You can’t expect a simple cardboard box to improve your sales revenue by just imprinting colorful graphics on it.  

It must be a perfect fit for your products, functional, secure, and appear professional all at the same time! When you are designing subscription box packaging, the first thing you should consider is your products. 

To make a perfect box, you need to measure the product dimensions appropriately so that a designer develops a package as per product suitability. Your brand will be successful if your design choices are consistent with the product.  

  1. Focus On A Minimalistic Approach 

A “minimalist design strategy” always works well when you want to make a good impression. Your product packaging is less critical because complicated designs might be expensive. Maintain the low saturation color scheme.  

Make sure to use basic and elegant design patterns to create stylish graphics. Pick a shape with features that make it simple to open and close.  

Believe that your custom subscription boxes will become the center of attention by opting for this design approach. You must carefully consider how you might use limited resources to leave a favorable impression on your audience’s minds. 

  1. An Enticing Color Scheme 

Using brand colors makes the most sense when it times to picking the main colors for your boxes. Your brand-specific colors are familiar to your customers and will resonate the most.  

Colors play with human psychology, bring instant recognition to your products, and help build trust and loyalty. However, you should play with colors to give your customized subscription box an extra look or feel.  

Using dark colors can give your packaging a more established and serious feel. They also work well for luxury products or mystery subscription boxes. Light colors offer your packaging simpler when you want to imply minimalism.  

Bright colors are used to grab customers’ attention instantly and want your packaging to pop! Bright and vibrant colors are stimulating, fun, and eye-catching.  

  1. Utilization Of Unique Finishing Techniques 

If you know the advantages of using finishing technologies on your boxes, you won’t ever skip them. They were, in fact, pricey back then. However, there are now so many variations of them that you can pick the one that best suits your budget.  

These finishing techniques serve to raise the value of your packaging subscription boxes. Finishing can come in various forms, including foiling, coating, and lamination. You can use any of these, but be sure they meet your needs. For instance, the matte finish can satisfy the desire to soften down bright hues.  

The soft-touch layer that velvet lamination adds to your package, on the other hand, has a striking visual impression on buyers.  

You can use foiling techniques like gold and silver foiling, embossing, and debossing to give your packaging a premium look. These finishing choices will undoubtedly put you ahead of your competitors when creating packaging solutions. 

  1. Find An Eminent Packaging Partner 

After evaluating your customer and measuring product dimensions, you need to search for a reputable box packaging supplier that design your eye-catching custom subscription boxes. Consider the following factors while choosing a packaging partner: 


To lower shipping and freight expenses, locating a nearby printer can help reduce shipping and freight expenses. The same is true of finding product makers close by. 


Most packaging suppliers like Half Price Packaging let you see a price quote when designing your order on their website. Have your precise size and desired order quantity in mind before you begin. 

Turnaround Time 

Evaluate how quickly each business prints and ships your box order. This timeframe and your fulfillment and delivery cycle will impact the time it takes for your subscribers to get their monthly boxes. 

Summing It Up! 

When running an e-commerce business, custom boxes help you catch new subscribers’ attention and retain the attention of existing ones. A subscription box acts as an advertising steamer, so it should be designed to grab customers’ attention at first glimpse.  

With the help of these creating guidelines, you’ll be able to expand your clientele through your custom packaging. Thanks to these boxes and fantastic design possibilities, you won’t ever need to waste money on pricey and pointless business methods.