6 Useful Mobile Applications For Students

Every day, a student needs to solve a bunch of problems: to have time to write a term paper or to correctly distribute the budget until the end of the scholarship. And sometimes it is impossible to complete each task perfectly due to the banal lack of time. 

The Internet has made studentā€™s life so easy. Now they can get help from assignment writing services and different apps for doing their work. In this article, we have found top mobile apps that will help you survive at the university.

Useful Mobile Apps For Students

1-Ā  Ā Puzzle Alarm ClockĀ 

If one of your problems is always being late for classes due to the fact that you cannot wake up in the morning, then we have found a solution to it. The Puzzle Alarm Clock application makes sure that you have to wake up. You cannot turn it off so easily. 

To do this, you need to solve several puzzles. Then the application asks to confirm that you are awake. If this does not help, then the sleepiest ones need to scan the selected barcode, for example, from a can of shower gel or milk.

2- TimetableĀ 

Most electronic diaries are designed for the working person, not the student. But the Timetable app is an exception. It can be used to enter time, classroom number, teacher’s name, homework assignments, and other important notes. 

The application not only captures and stores the necessary data but can, for example, mute the sound on the phone during classes. This app is very useful for students who normally forget about their homework and assignments.

3- MyScript CalculatorĀ 

Endless calculations and huge multi-level formulas – this is the reality that any student of a technical university faces. If you use a regular calculator, you will have to count in several approaches, with inevitable errors and recalculations. You can fix this problem with MyScript Calculator. 

It is also super cool because it supports handwriting input. Therefore, the student does not have to suffer from a set of roots and degrees, and the application itself translates the written into signs. It is the most fast, correct, and convenient calculator. You can download it on your iPhone or Android phone.

4- ScanbotĀ 

If you need to work in the reading room, because the book is not handed out, or you collect literature for term papers, you cannot do without Scanbot. The application allows you to copy a large amount of text and sort the photographed pages into separate folders. 

You can also upload photos to the cloud or convert them to a PDF file. There is also a paid version in the application, but the free one is quite enough for work. Moreover, both android and iPhones support this mobile app.

5- Nike Training Club App

To look good, you need to be able to exercise properly. It is important to follow the technique with which exercises certain muscles are strengthened. That’s why the Nike Training Club app was created. It contains workouts of different directions: stretching, strength, and cardio. 

The exercises are accompanied by detailed explanations and video instructions from renowned trainers. Along with studying, a student should also focus on his/her health to stay fit. This is a perfect app for them.

6- FBReaderĀ 

With the widespread of the internet, students have many ways to get their academic work done. One way is to get assistance from their favorite dissertation writing service online. Another way is to use mobile apps for making work easier.

FBReader is one such application. Even if you are not an ardent reader, during your student years you will have to study a bunch of textbooks and additional literature. FBReader supports all popular e-book formats. With it, you will be able to study the necessary materials not only at home but also on the road or in queues. It helps to significantly speed up the learning process and free up some time.

Summing Up

We hope you will appreciate these apps and they will help you optimize your time. And there will be a little more rest in your life. Apart from these, there are lots of other applications too which you can explore. Thanks for reading to the end.