6 Unique Wedding Favor Ideas for Your Reception Guests

Weddings are one of the most special days that you can imagine, and it’s important to get every detail perfect. You need to consider many aspects, so finding the best wedding favor is important.

1. Temporary Tattoos

These are a cute idea, and they aren’t permanent! You can give out temporary tattoos to guests as a party favor. You can customize these tattoos to show the theme of your wedding ceremony or reception. For example, you could create a tattoo that says “Do not stop dancing,” “Everything is better with brie cheese,” or “Cheers!”. You could also design tattoos that have words like “Happy wedding” ”I Love You”

2. Personalized Guest Books

If you’ve got a noble guest list, you might want to give them their guest book. It’s a sweet way to say thank you for being part of your special day. You can even make it personal by adding photos and important dates. This can be a great idea for guests who are moving away or to guests who have kids.

3. Cigars

If you’re having a more elegant wedding, this is a great idea. They’re unique, so it won’t be something that they’ll get over and over again. If you want to give your guests something to enjoy, cigars might be a good option. Be sure to talk to your caterer and venue if you’re going to give them out.

4. Candy Bar Wrappers and Wine Glasses

This one is perfect for couples who want to combine both their hobbies into their special day. You could also give out candy bars with a wrapper with the union jack on it or a luscious pink heart! It’s a great way to include an ode to your relationship in the party favors.

This is a unique way to give wine to your guests. It’s a classy way to serve wine to your wedding party, and all of the guests will be able to enjoy it. You could also give out wine glasses that have a message or picture on them.

5. Personalized Invitations and Menus

Invitations are a great way to introduce the theme of your wedding. You can customize the text to encourage people to come, and you could also include information on where they can find parking or directions! You could also add a photo for each guest.

For this option, you’d want to get a paper menu for each table. You could take a photo of each of your guests with their menu and then give it to them as a keepsake after the wedding. You could also get some cute fork and knife stickers to decorate their menu too!

6. Mobile Phone Cases and Key Chain

This is such a cute idea. You can give each guest a case that has some theme to it. For example, you could have a case that says, “The first time I kissed you was on our 1 year Anniversary”. This would be a great idea for couples who plan to marry in a foreign country. You can personalize the text for people’s names on the back too.

You could give out key chains as party favors to each guest. You could choose a symbol that represents your relationship and wedding. One of the best ideas is to give out wedding bells key chains, as they’re symbolic of marriage. You could also find a key chain with one of your wedding photos.

There are many ways to personalize your reception party, and you can use these ideas to help you. You should also make sure to give a thank you card after your special day! These are all quite affordable, so consider purchasing more than one item.