6 Unexpected Ways to Improve Customer Experience and Make Your Life Better

If you’ve ever worked in a customer-facing position, you know that every interaction with a customer has the potential to make your day or break it and also your life. When the responsibility of keeping your customer happy falls on your shoulder, life can get pretty intense, especially nowadays. CX has become an important factor for customers and companies alike.

Here’s how you can make your customers happy

Community Management
It’s important for your customers to feel like they are a part of a bigger community. It adds value to your organization when customers share their opinion and experience with your brand. Advocacy has always been the best way to promote a brand, and people like to hear from real people. Someone who must have hit a snag or received exceptional support. It matters when you have a community that you can rely on, and to have one you must build one. Take care of your customers, be it newsletters, forums or simply a social media page. Community is anywhere your customers can connect with you,  talk, and share their concerns. Special gestures go a long way; companies have started adding personalization to their strategy. Some like to wish them on their special days’ others express it in gestures like cards, and personalized tokens. 

When you understand your customer, your relationship with them becomes stronger. Investing time in making your product work for your customers ensures that your customers are loyal to you. 

When customers are well-informed, their confidence in you increases, and they are happy. And you know what happy customers mean, right?

Exceed Expectations
Keep improving your features, make it user-friendly, and, most importantly, take feedback. Many companies run an A/B Test, or have a control group to conduct a beta test, these can help you identify the problems before you launch them. B2C companies distribute samples before they launch, and B2B companies have beta plans for a select few.

The end goal of every organization, product or service is to make the customer’s job easier. It is important to plan your product design or feature around your customer’s feedback. Controlled groups and panels provide you with feedback and opinion that offer a fresh perspective. Such insights are valuable in understanding areas that have some room for improvements. Seldom a new feature can be confusing and difficult; at times, customers might not understand how to use it or perhaps never find it at all. It is upsetting for the user and frustrating for the people who made it. If you wish to exceed your customer expectations, listen to what they have to say and act on it.

Customers can provide a lot of insights on what needs to improve and which features or services do they want. Empower your customers and create an outstanding customer experience.

While it can be tricky to solve your customer’s problems before they even realize it exists.

If you are proactive in your efforts, plan customer outreach, and listen to your customers. You can improve the user’s experience on all levels, right from your social media, product, and website.

Offer Customer Service
Real-time customer support is the best method, but a 24/7 chat and call service are not wrong either. Customers that you interact with today have the potential of becoming a brand ambassador for your product in the future. Customers become unhappy when they don’t have a solution that works for them. Providing support right when they want it, not just reassures them but also shows your proactive approach in handling their issues. It shows how much you value your customers, and you are listening to them.

Chatbots and automated messages are good, but they cannot replace the human touch. Communication is the key, listen, understand, and find a solution. And it does not end there; make sure to follow up with the customer. Check if their issue is resolved, see it through to the end, moreover ensure that the customer is satisfied.

Be Accountable
Make sure what you commit to a user and when you do follow through on it. But if there is a problem, be accountable and take responsibility. It is essential to know that someone is working on the problem. So own up when there’s a problem and keep the customers informed. It does not matter how small or big the issue at hand is, it is just an issue. Murphy’s law states that “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong,” It’s ok. Even the best-laid plans can hit a snag. Ask customers for their feedback and how you can help improve the situation in their opinion. Listen, act, and improve.

Add value
Most of the time, customers reach out after trying to find a solution themselves. If they don’t find something that can help them, they connect with support executives, via call, chat, or emails. And if they still cannot reach you, they opt for social media. So it is important that the information you provide adds some value. If, at the end of the conversation, they leave without finding a solution, assure them that you will follow up in a particular time frame.

Now that might not sound like making your life better, but it improves your CX. And when you raise the bar for your CX, you have more satisfied customers, which definitely makes your life better.

Krause Leia

Krause Leia is a professional content marketing specialist. She has contributed to many of the websites. Some of top publications written are published on PoundingTechno, Hr Toolbox, Hackernoon.

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