6 Top Tips For Cleaning Your Curtains

Need to clean the draperies, however I don’t have any idea where to begin. Utilize our top tips to help you while heading to spotless, crisp smelling drapes…

Drapery Tiebacks

Curtain steam cleaning can seem like a task, yet once in a while a speedy hoover simply isn’t sufficient to dispose of all the soil, residue and smells that have been developing in the texture.

Here are our top tips for spotless, crisp smelling draperies.

1. For Lightweight Draperies

On the off chance that your draperies are produced using cotton, cloth or engineered materials, you ought to have the option to machine-wash them with no gamble of contracting or harm. The temperature you use will rely upon the kind of texture, so ensure you check any consideration names prior to tossing your drapes in the washing machine.

2. For Sensitive Shades

Assuming that you feel your draperies are excessively fragile for the machine, you should think about washing them the hard way. Materials like ribbon and chiffon ought to continuously be hand-washed to save them from getting harmed in the washing machine cycle. Utilizing your typical clothing cleanser, wash your draperies in tepid water, leaving any messes in the drench for two or three hours.

3. For Weighty Draperies

Cleaning draperies

Weighty draperies, for example, those produced using velvet or chenille are the most challenging to clean. Machine washing and hand washing will both soak your textures, making them difficult to dry without extending. Curtain Steam cleaning is the most ideal way to clean heavier materials. For best outcomes, clean your shades through and through utilizing an upholstery connection. Try not to hold the liner excessively near the draperies, you don’t maintain that the texture should get excessively wet.

4. Drying Your Draperies

Washing line drying drapes

Regardless of what material your shades are produced using, or how wet they might appear when you remove them from the clothing, opposing placing them in the dryer is significant! Utilizing a tumble dryer doesn’t just gamble with the material contracting, it could likewise leave your shades with difficult wrinkles that won’t emerge, even in the wake of pressing.

Dry your drapes normally by looming over a rail or a garments horse. On the off chance that they’re truly wet, set a fan up close to them to assist with drying the texture faster with curtain dry cleaning.

5. Putting You Draperies Back Up

Yet, pause – don’t put your drapes up yet! While you’re drapes dry, it is the ideal opportunity to clean down your windows, so you’re not re-balancing your shades against a grimy casing.

6. Keeping Up With Your Shades

Preferably, you ought to have curtain cleaning services on more than one occasion per year, contingent upon how dusty and muggy your home gets. To keep your drapes fresher for longer, take a stab at keeping the kitchen entryway shut while you’re cooking and consistently opening the windows to circle natural air. Remembering your draperies for your week after week vacuuming is one more extraordinary curtain cleaning method for limiting how much residue gets comfortable in their folds. You can check our blog titled advantages of hiring professional curtain cleaners.