6 Top Idea To Attract Visitors To Your Trade Show Booth

There are always plenty of people in a tradeshow, but getting them into your exhibit or trade show booth can be daunting. Another problem is attracting many attendees that are not really into your product. Sometimes you may build traffic that does not translate into prospective customers. So how do you separate the wheat from the chaff? And how do you attract visitors to your booth? Here are the trade show tips on how to attract potential customers.

High-Impact Display Stands

The first thing visitors see is the stand. It needs to be impressive. You can use an affordable modular exhibition that can be reused, thus allowing it to be customized. An entirely custom-built stand comes in handy as you can use different designs and shapes. Choosing the right stand for your venture is the best decision. It will impact your success significantly, so it worth investing in a good stand.

Relaxing Lounge Areas

A lounge provides a relaxed environment for the visitors as they step off the main trade show floor to sit down and talk to your staff. Providing refreshments, mobile chargers, and Wi-Fi can assist in keeping the visitors at your booth longer. A lounge area can enable more meaningful conversations based on sales.

Contests and Competitions

You can generate a buzz in the exhibition by hosting a physical content, quiz, or competition. The competition can be an unforgettable moment for the attendees. 

The activity builds a deeper connection and relationships with customers. Besides that, giving of a prize can assist in creating interest in your services and products.

Branded Giveaways

Giving perks is an excellent way for customers to try your products before they purchase. Giveaways can generate goodwill and spread awareness of your venture. Anything you give should be branded well so that other attendees can see the perks. These can entice other attendees to visit your booth.

Improve Your Sales Strategy

In every checklist of a tradeshow, you should include a sales strategy. Boosting your sales tactics will inform your staff of the appropriate strategies to boost revenue and close a sale. You can ask open-ended questions to engage potential customers on the exhibition floor. Ask questions to gather facts to guide your conversation and learn more about your leads.

Be Sociable

Be sociable during and after the trade show. Maybe you may not be a Facebook and Twitter fan, but you’ll be surprised how many prospects are into it. You can take advantage of this and utilize your social media platforms. Create a Facebook page before the tradeshow and prost photos of your preparation for the event. Add pictures of your display stand and even after you tear down.

Bottom Line

With the above tips, you can now maximize trade show sales and attract more visitors. Remember the visitor’s memorable experience will create a better chance for them to remember your products and brands. 

Engaging your attendees and improving attendees experience is your best strategy for a successful booth.


Sudarsan Chakraborty is a professional writer. He contributes to many high-quality blogs. He loves to write on various topics.