Apple Store is the platform that enables downloading of various applications to the users of Apple. There are 2 major app platforms – iOS and Android, both of them are extremely strong platforms. But the team of Apple should be appreciated for having a strict rule for the quality of the applications. Therefore, if anyone wants to release their application, then they should pay attention to the quality of their app. They can also take the help of iphone app developmentfor this purpose.

The apple store cares not only about the performance of the app but also regarding the safety measures of the app. So, companies also need to be concerned about security apart from performance. The app development may take just a few weeks, but the passing through review process may take months due to strict measures of Apple.

The review of the applications on the Apple store is mandatory for all apps, so no one can skip this process. They also go through the essential details of the application. A portion of the verification is carried out automatically using scripts, while the rest is carried out manually. If your application has any issues, you will get a notification between 3 to 7 days.

No one would want their app to fail in the review process. So, in this post, we will give you tips that will ensure the successful submission of your app on the Apple store.

6 Tips to Successfully submit your App to Apple Store for Review

  1. Enroll in apple’s developer program

The first step of successfully submitting your app is enrolling in Apple’s developer program by creating your account. It will cost you around $99. This program will give various benefits like:

  • Submit the applications to the app store.
  • Access to beta versions of Apple software and testing tools like TestFlight and app analytics.
  • Creating safari extensions
  • Availability of XCode integration.

So, you will get all these benefits if you register in Apple’s developer program. Also, your process of app submission will start with this.

  1. Make your app ready for submission

After creating your developer account, double-check that your app complies with all of Apple’s criteria and recommendations. To ensure that the app complies with all requirements, it must go through an app certification procedure. These criteria will be used by the reviewer to evaluate the app. As a result, this is a critical step in the app’s acceptance.

The following requirements will be reviewed at this stage:

  1. Development requirements
  2. Legal requirements
  3. App Store guidelines
  4. Human interface guidelines

We would advise you to hire an iphone app development company to make sure your app abides by all these requirements.

  1. Create app store listing

By logging onto the App Store Connect, you may build your app store listing. To add your application, click the ‘+’ symbol. Then fill out the rest of the form with information about your app, including its name, description, category, support URL, and minimum user age. Provide a test account and password if your program requires one. Include a question mark in any section where you’re unsure of your replies. However, try to be as thorough as possible when filling out the form.

You are also supposed to provide the privacy policy of the app with the URL. Apart from it, you also need to mention the pricing of the app. In the final step, you have to click on the app release option. You can release the app immediately upon approval or on a specific date of your wish. The process is a little bit complex, therefore it is advised to hire ios app development companyto handle the whole process for you.

  1. App Store screenshots

To get your app approved, you must submit screenshots that meet the Apple Play Store’s requirements. There are several ways to accomplish this, but the best and most straightforward method is to use iOS Simulator. By beginning the simulator for the screen size you desire, you must build a PNG picture. Then, on your keyboard, press CMD+S to take a screenshot of the screen you desire. Simply post the screenshots when you’ve completed the process.

  1. Upload the application

After completing all the above steps and making your app bug-free, you have to upload the application to XCode. Simply Navigate to XCode, then select “Generic iOS device” as the deployment target.  Then, from the menu, select “Product” and then “Archive” to begin the process. Archiving the app may take time as it makes use of the release settings to make your app run on all of your iOS devices.

XCode will notify you if there are any problems with your programme. Following this step, you’ll see a box with a notice stating that your programme was successfully uploaded to App Store Connect.

  1. Request for the app review

After uploading your application, you will get to see the review button of blue color, click on that button for submitting the request for app review. You have to answer some questions about compliance, advertising, etc. and that’s it, you’re done. Now, your app will have a yellow button. It simply means that the app is waiting for review.

The time for the review for the application may vary, generally, it may take a few days to a few weeks. Once your app is approved, you will get the email confirmation.


So, these are the tips for successfully submitting your app to the Apple store for review. If you want your app approved, you may focus on the functionality and security of the app and also on the guidelines of the apple play store. If you abide by all these things then your app will be approved. Also, when you hire iphone app developmentthen also chances of app approval increases as they have experts for developing applications.