6 Tips to Make Hair Removal Process Easier

Hair removal was not always popular, but today this cosmetic procedure has become quite trivial. Most women prefer hair removal and if you are one of them, you will probably agree that shaving is a painful procedure, both physical and mental. Hair removal causes many unpleasant problems like irritated skin or ingrown hairs. 

But do not think that shaving is the worse fate for you and other women because we are ready to give you some simple tips on how to properly prepare your skin for hair removal, as well as how to carry out this unpleasant, routine process, making it less painful. No matter how you remove your hair, the following tips will make your life easier.

1. Take a Shower First

The most important step before removing your hair is to steam your skin. During a shower or hot bath, the pores expand, hairs become thinner and more mobile, which means it will be easier to remove hair with minimal damage to the skin. Steamed and relaxed skin is less susceptible to pain or irritation, and the risk of ingrown hairs is reduced to a minimum. Therefore, stay in hot water for a while and give your skin time to prepare for the procedure.

2. Use Scrub

One of the important procedures before shaving is skin cleansing. As soon as you incorporate a body scrub into your cosmetic routine, the hair removal process will change for you forever. The coarsened and dead skin layers must be removed, thereby achieving smoothness and silkiness, which will greatly simplify the hair removal process. Regular use of the scrub also fights ingrown hairs. The main thing to remember is to clean the skin before shaving, and not after, otherwise, you can damage its sensitive areas and cause irritation and redness.

3. Use Moisturizing Lotion

While hair removal makes your skin smooth, it also can cause dryness and irritation. That is why we strongly recommend using a moisturizing aftershave. It saturates the skin with moisture, supplies it with the necessary amount of oxygen, and the healing elements contained in every decent cream or lotion will help to eliminate irritation. Do not be afraid to apply a thick layer of the lotion on the skin. 

To facilitate the shaving process, it is necessary to use special foam. These products always contain moisturizing components that protect your skin from painful unpleasant consequences.

4. Do Not Rush

The process of hair removal should not be too long, but rushing may turn in rather unpleasant consequences. Allot enough time for this process as there are a number of procedures that you must do before removing the hair. Fast movements can cause cuts, irritation, which can subsequently lead to infection.

5. Hold a Pause

If you remove hair with wax or an epilator, then you probably know that it is worth avoid shaving between the procedures. Despite the fact that the skin remains smooth for several weeks after hair removal, try to get rid of the urgent need to remove hair with a razor. Frequent shaving increases hair growth, thereby causing hair ingrowth and irritation. Give your skin time to heal and the hair to sprout, so you will ensure safe removal the next time.

6. Choose Your Hair Removal Method

Even if your best friend praises the epilator and wax advertising seems very tempting, you have to determine which of these varieties is right for you. Everyone has different skin types, as well as the pain threshold, the growth rate and abundance of hair, so you should look for the most comfortable way depending on your physiology. 

Shaving may seem too painful if your hair grows quite quickly since removing it with a blade can make the hair structure coarser. For profuse hairiness is better to choose wax or an epilator.

Amelia Grant

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