6 Tips to Maintain the Elegance of Your Upholstered Furniture

Upholstered furniture adds elegance to your home and becomes a part of your life. You will love it no matter what and it will help you unwind after a long day at work. It might also get tied to the favourite memories you make at your home. It is thus important to keep it in its original condition. Desace also offers upholstery services that can give your old, worn-out furniture a new life. In this article, we will share with you some tips to maintain the elegance of your upholstered furniture.

Try to Retain the Original Shape of the Cushions

The cushions may get flattened over a period due to the constant use and also because they are made up of soft materials. When the cushion loses its shape, the whole furniture will lose its charm. Thus it is important to fluff the cushions regularly by slapping, prodding and light punching for retaining the original shape. This will help you maintain the upholstery in prime condition.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Upholstery made up of fine fabrics like leather or leatherette can get destroyed by prolonged exposure to direct sunlight. The UV rays are harmful to fine fabrics, the upholstery can be damaged and its lifetime will be reduced. Sunlight exposure in a minimal amount now and then is harmless. Anyways, keep the furniture out of harm’s way by drawing blinds or curtains and place them in areas where they receive little to no sunlight.

Flip the Cushions

Regular flipping of both the seat and back cushions will ensure the cushions wear out evenly and help to maintain their shape for longer. This should be done according to the frequency of use of each cushion. If a certain cushion is used more often, then it should be flipped more often as well. This should be done to keep the fluffiness on all the cushions the same.

Stain Protection Products

Stain protection products are available in a wide variety. Selecting the right one for your upholstered furniture is of extreme importance. You can ask your furniture seller or professional upholstery cleaners about the nature and material of your upholstery and the best stain protection or removal products best suited for the furniture. Stain protection products will protect the upholstery from potential stains by providing a slick extra layer between the upholstery and materials.

Vacuum Clean

Regular vacuum cleaning is a must to prevent the early damages that could happen to your upholstery. Dust can settle on the sofa and it could go deeper if not vacuumed. The dust can then act like an abrasive and cut up your upholstery on a microscopic level. Vacuum the furniture to avoid internal damage due to dust.

Hire a Professional Cleaner

Hire a professional upholstery cleaner once a year to deep clean the furniture and prolong its life. The best upholstery cleaners use methods like hot water extraction and special antimicrobial cleaning solution to make the upholstered furniture look more vibrant and clean. Don’t wait for the upholstered furniture to get visibly dirty before calling in the professionals.