6 Tips To Keep Your Home Free From Pests

Have you ever had a problem with bugs, rodents, or other pests in your home? Instead of lining up to take defensive action after a pest has entered your house, go on the offensive to prevent pest problems from occurring, or call a professional pest control specialist like Belleville Pest Control for a quick inspection. There are various techniques to decrease pest-attracting circumstances both inside and outside your house, which should reduce the likelihood of their ever troubling you. Here are five ways to keep pests out of your happy place.

Regular Cleaning

The cleaner your home is, the less appealing it is to pests. If you keep up with your cleaning, mopping, and other household duties, you will routinely disrupt any locations where a pest may be considering constructing a home. You’ll also pick up crumbs and other detritus that could have been a feeding source for pests.

Examine for Cracks and Openings

Doors and windows aren’t the only places where small holes may occur. Inspect the whole outside of your property regularly for other cracks, fissures, and holes through which pests may enter. Examine the foundation for cracks, loose siding, broken roof shingles, and gaps around utility lines like pipes, electric wires, and cable wiring. Any gaps should be filled with copper mesh, coarse steel wool, or sheet metal.

Dispose of the waste correctly.

Garbage is a rich food supply for rats, mice, flies, birds, and other pests. As a result, make sure to dispose of waste properly and to keep garbage cans closed at all times. Do not dispose of exposed meat in the garbage (unless it will be picked up in the next 48 hours).

Clean Drains

The sink and floor drain frequently collect muck and dirt. This can attract pests and serve as a perfect breeding ground, particularly for tiny flies. As a result, regularly examine and clean all drains in your home, including those in the laundry room and basement.

Tip: Baking soda and vinegar make an excellent homemade drain cleaner, providing foaming action that flushes out clogs.

Maintain your lawn

Many pests can create their nests in overcrowded and unkempt yards, so keep an eye out for this. Remember that the fewer pests you have outside your home, the fewer pest problems you will have inside. Trim shrubs and trees, clear up any garbage and move wood piles away from the house. Termites are attracted to firewood, and they may readily enter your home from there. These venomous insects, as well as rats and mice, can use tree branches that come into touch with your home as a highway to get there. So make sure to keep these branches trimmed, so they don’t touch your roof or other sections of your house.

Use a pest control service.

Contact the local pest control service to visit your home and spray for bugs and rodents that are common in your region regularly. A professional pest control service, such as Belleville Pest Control, can give more protection than you can on your own, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have an expert defending your house is priceless.