6 Tips to Improve Call Center Experience

When contacting a company’s call center, a customer’s experience is a crucial factor when it comes to deciding to stick to your company or switching to a competitor. A Forbes article suggests that customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that don’t focus on customers.

Thus, it is time that you realized that a high-quality customer experience is essential for success. Interestingly, there is always room for improvement in call centers. At each point, there’s something you can do to improve your call center customer experience.When call center outsourcing to the Philippines, you can see how these service providers value each customer’s concerns and turn it into a good customer experience, ensuring customer engagement and loyalty.

1. Know Your Customers

Your sales team probably already knows a lot about your customers. These even include their demographics and expectations. However, to better serve your customers, you need to know your clients personally.

Try and put a face on your customer profile to allow your call center team to envision precisely who they are communicating with. The more detailed, the better!

For example, if your primary customer is a female male between 20 – 30 and living in the city, you can create a persona like this. 

Sharon Knowles, 25

Single lives in a two-bedroom apartment with one roommate

Loves to party on weekends 

She works long hours and is super passionate about her job.

Having such detailed information will help you understand the buyers’ persona and help them with the right solution. 

2. Pay Attention to the Customer Journey

A customer at different stages in the sales cycle will pose various questions to your customer service team. If you want to improve your call center’s customer experience, you need to interact with your clients based on where they are in their journey.

A new customer who’s just been introduced to your brand should receive a more welcoming and generic greeting. On the other hand, someone who has already purchased from you should get personalized updates as per their needs. 

Now, how is this possible? Well, with the help of CRMs, your team can easily map the customer’s journey and respond appropriately. This will help your team quickly and easily approach clients and provide them with an extraordinary experience. 

3. Develop Emotional Connections with Customers

Customers want to purchase from brands that care about what they want, share their values, and understand who they are. However, this requires that your call center team develops an emotional connection with callers.  

To achieve this, your agents need to move away from providing robotic customer service and implement more emotionally intelligent tactics to improve customer experience. Some of the tricks include- 

Storytelling– this will help customers relate better to the agent and brand.

Personalization– sending a handwritten note would instill a sense of belonging in customers.  

Surprise– it is always a great idea to make a free upgrade or send a product as a loyalty reward for returning customers.

4. Decrease Customer Effort

Clients look for one-click checkouts, fast service, instant communication, next-day shipping. They also expect the same simplicity when they seek customer service. 

So, how can this problem be solved? Well, you can provide your customers with self-service and additional information. 

These include FAQs and knowledge base articles. You can also choose to provide extra materials after your call to supplement the service. A virtual call center software will help you achieve all this and much more. 

Moreover, it would be best if you made every effort to solve the problems during the first call. 

5. Ask for Feedback from Your Customers

Customers need that you understand their expectations of your brand and listen to their concerns. The best way to do this is to ask for their feedback. This will open up a dialogue about their likes and dislikes, and you can make a note of it.  

You can also ask your customers to fill out a short survey after every interaction. Moreover, you could end every call with a question about what you can improve for next time. 

6. Train Your Team 

Your team is an invaluable asset when it comes to improving the call center customer experience. Depending on how well your team is equipped to handle clients will determine how they respond to your brand.

You need to ensure that you have a proper onboarding set up and ongoing training for your customer service team. Interestingly, you can deliver online training using multimedia material, quizzes, and personal one-on-one attention.

Paying attention to customer needs and improving their perception of your brand is key to improving customer experience. Instead of leaving customer experience on chance, you must take active measures to enhance their experience and employee productivity.