6 Tips To Hold Valuable Real Estate Meetings

With passing time, we seem to underestimate the power of a client meeting. This is because meetings are often held in a bad light, refusing to shake away associations of nerves, stress, and the age-old question ‘can’t this be done over email?’

No matter how much technology advances, meetings will always be relevant. They provide an invaluable opportunity to build long-lasting rapport, develop a complete understanding of how each party operates and indicate the best way to work together in the future.

In the service sector, it is a meeting that sets you apart from the competition. After the grunt work of connecting with a potential client, meeting holds an important place in making a sale, especially in the real estate sector.

Do you get sweaty palms when you have to conduct a meeting? Don’t worry. We’ll walk you through all the crucial details to run the best possible real estate meeting.

After all the hassle you went through to generate real estate leads and nurture them, meetings are your chance to soar.

Here are 6 tips to ace a client meeting, irrespective of where they are in your sales funnel. And the best part is that you can apply these tips to any meeting – in-person/ online.

6 Tips To Ace A Real Estate Meeting

  1. Do your homework

The first step to ace any meeting is to make it customer-centric. Pull out all previous conversations with the client, learn about their preferences and jot down every important detail—research the relevant projects that might interest them. Then, go through similar previous client files and know what worked the best for them.

  1. Be professional

Being professional is a way to show respect to your prospects. It is half the battle won. Check out this list to ensure you aren’t missing anything.

Self-reflect first. What is it that annoys you in the meetings you attend as a potential client? Make a mental note of them and eliminate all those tasks first.

While we all have different areas of improvement, here are a few things to keep in mind during a real-estate meeting.

●     Mind your appearance, words, deeds, and everything in between

●     Provide relevant information

●     Use good grammar

●     Use a neutral/ noise-free background during a video call

  1. Put the client in the spotlight

Investing in real estate is a huge decision. To get anyone to invest in real estate, understanding their requirements, and winning their trust is extremely important. So put off your worries aside when you are attending to the client.

Help them understand what slowing sales mean for their home value and the timing of their buy and sell decisions.

What if you are not in the state of mind to focus on the client?

●     Request your colleague to accompany you and lead the conversation.

●     Pen down your thoughts before the meeting.

●     Don’t panic. Just breathe and refocus and try to move forward.

Above all, in real estate meetings, it is the effort that counts the most. Understand that your potential client is investing their time in the meeting. Try and give them the best possible experience.

  1. Pen down the details

Notetaking helps revisit all the vital information and helps you be more present and included in the process. Develop a systematic method. You could pen the details in your CRM or a personal file, but ensure that it is accessible whenever you need it.

Great Things Are Done By A Series Of Small Things Brought Together – Vincent Van Gogh 

Mix-ups are bound to happen especially when you are managing multiple prospects. Nothing will help you convert them better than good notes. People always mention their preferences. Memorizing them and providing them a personalized experience will put you at the top of your game.

Are you confused? What details should you be penning down? Here are a few things you can start with

●     Date and who you spoke to (did you talk to a primary contact, their spouse, or parents)

●     Important takeaways (the main points you discussed)

●     Follow-ups (did you commit to further communication)

Investing in A CRM for real estate meetings can help you streamline the entire process.

  1. Take you time

We understand the fight for time and attention in the service industry, but to provide value to your prospects, you need to research and learn.

The key is to communicate beforehand that you’ll get back with an estimate/ property options within a specific time frame. Trust us; your prospects won’t run away as long as you are providing them relevant information.

Along with taking time, it is equally important to give time to your prospects. Don’t go through meetings hastily to squeeze in more sessions. Understand that a real estate meeting is crucial for both parties, and assure your prospects that you are there to answer any questions.

  1. Pick the right questions

Although there is no such thing as a stupid question, you need to be mindful of the question you ask. Don’t just ask questions for the sake of it. Listen to your client’s concerns first.

“Asking The Right Question Is As Important As Answering Them” – Benoit Mandelbrot[3] [4] 

Before posing a question, ask yourself the following

●     What is it that you are seeking from the answer?

●     What is the motive behind the question?

●     How will it help you?

In addition to make a real estate meeting truly effective, ask this to yourself before providing any information to the client

●     How will this impact their decision-making process?

●     Are there any gaps in my knowledge?

●     What more do I need to know?

In the end, you can never be completely prepared for a real estate meeting. Just keep the above points in mind and give your best. Do you want to scale your real estate businesses? Check out our blog on how to grow your real estate business online.

Here’s a bonus tip: Invest in technology. Technology is the best thing to happen to us, and no matter the industry, it can do wonders for the business. Check out the number of problems a real estate CRM can solve.

Also, remember that as a realtor, you aren’t just making a sale. You are helping build a dream!

Ani Johnson

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