6 Tips to Creating the Perfect Home Office for Your Start-up in 2020


The perfect home office can function as a primary workspace or as a back-up satellite office. Your start-up in 2020 will require many things, and a space that is comfortable and functional will help you accomplish your goals.


Whether you live in a trendy Chicago neighborhood like Wicker Park, or a home with rooms to spare in New York City, you will need to decide where in your home you can work. An extra bedroom can be ideal as an office/guest room. With a little bit of work a closet can become an all-inclusive office. Often, in a small home the dining table becomes the ad hoc office. Don’t discount the idea of a workspace in the dining room; just be aware that your office will need to be somewhat portable.


A desk is a piece of furniture with a flat surface, typically with drawers, at which one can read, write, or do other work. You don’t need a typical desk to work on business plans at home. The space you choose will help determine the size and style of your workspace. Your start-up business will undoubtedly require a few items besides your desk and laptop. You will also need a place for a printer and storage for the little things that make an office convenient to use. In a large room you can buy any type of desk and storage and make it work. In smaller spots be creative.  A wall mounted desk that can fold up or down can be a great space saver. In a tiny space choose an unused corner that can be fitted with a custom floating shelf at desk height.



An armoire is a wonderful option for your start up office space. Not only does it have a place for your laptop, it also has ample storage and can be closed when not in use. If an empty closet is where your office will be, build it to your specifications and include storage.

The dining room office may have more challenges, but the issues aren’t insurmountable. Consider a wireless printer that can be stashed in your sideboard, or in another room altogether. Items like scratch paper, pens, or any other small things you need for work can be gathered in a holder like those used for utensils at picnics. Or, group your small containers on a handsome tray; they can be easily moved when company comes for dinner.



Lighting is very important in your office area. Good lighting, either from a window or a lamp, should provide you with enough brightness to prevent eye strain. If your office is in an enclosed space it is important to pay attention to the bulbs you put in lamps. Try daylight bulbs and add task lighting for tight or close work.



Your office should reflect your personality. This is accomplished easily by choosing wall colors you like and the artwork you enjoy looking at. Chances are you will be spending an appreciable amount of time in your new office space. Make it a place you enjoy occupying.


Get Some Green

Of course, you want to get some green--isn’t that why you work? Another green you should incorporate into your work life is in the form of plants. Houseplants improve air quality because they absorb chemicals and carbon dioxide and because they emit oxygen. It has been proven that having plants in your work area is a calming feature, and that allows you to focus on your success.

Whether you have a large or small space, a well-designed office will allow you to work more comfortably--and profitably--if you follow the great tips we’ve mentioned above.