6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Hair Wig

One of the main things many wig wearers are worried about is how to keep their wig looking good and as natural as possible. Nobody wants to get funny stares because everyone around them can tell that they have a wig.


Sometimes, wig maintenance can be really hard, especially if they are synthetic. Let’s be real; not everyone will be able to afford human hair wigs because they can be pricy. However, with good maintenance, you can manage to keep even your synthetic wig in good condition.


The first thing you have to do is ensure that you get a good quality wig, even though it’s synthetic. With these easy tips, you will manage to keep it looking so good for a long time.


1. Wear it less often


Just because you got yourself the wig you have always wanted doesn’t mean that you should have it on all the time. The more you wear it, the more it fades. Also, the hair strands start to come off, and eventually, the wig starts thinning out.


If you have to wear wigs often, have several of them that you can choose between. You should also avoid wearing your wig anytime you are going to sleep or even having a nap. That will because it entangles, and there will be so many knots afterward.


Trying to remove those knots will cause a lot of hair fallout. You should also not wear your wig to the shower or under heavy rainfall.


2. Use high-quality products


Just like your hair, your wig needs high-quality products. However, don’t use what you normally use on your hair. That is because they can contain a lot of chemicals that will cause breakage and thin the wig.


Also, invest in a wig comb instead of using regular combs.


3. Wash it


Just like your hair, your wig needs to be washed because it gathers a lot of dust. However, don’t wash it too often. Washing it once a month is enough because too much washing could remove all the oil it has in it.


That would result in the wig drying, increasing the chances of breakage. That is also the reason why you should wash it only in cold or mild water. There are some techniques you can use to properly wash your wig;


  • Soak the wig in cold or mild soapy water.
  • Apply a small amount of good quality shampoo on it, and avoid the scalp area.
  • Using a wig brush, comb the shampoo through the entire length of the wig. Do not rub the hair strands or the scalp as you would with your hair.
  • Apply some of the soapy water inside the cap but don’t scrub.
  • Start rinsing off until all the soap and shampoo are gone.
  • Bloat the hair gently with a towel.
  • While the hair is still wet, apply a small amount of conditioner.
  • Using your hands or a wide-toothed wig comb, detangle the wig in sections from top to bottom.


4. Avoid heat


We all know that heat damages natural hair, and it doesn’t spare the wigs either. It causes them to lose their natural shine. It also causes them to become dry and brittle. The damage heat does to the wig is permanent because it can’t repair itself as your natural hair does.


5. Store it well


You need to store your wig properly when you are not wearing it. Ensure that it is dry when you are storing it. The best way to store it is to return it in its package bag and its original position. You can also put it on a mannequin head such that it remains in an upright position.


You should also use a light cover to keep it from dust and try keeping the room humid to keep it from drying out.


6. See a professional


If you want to style your wig differently, take it to a professional. Trying to style it yourself can cause hair breakage or even knotting.