6 Tips for Marketing on Snapchat

Snapchat is one of the social platforms that grow the most and there are those who foresee that in a short time it will start competing with giants like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The app was launched already 5 years ago by Bobby Murphy and Evan Spiegel with the idea of ​​giving users a tool that can effectively share content without leaving a trace. As you know, the content remains available on the newsfeed for 24 hours, after which it is deleted.

There are now over 10 billion videos viewed daily, more than 700 million active users of which about 700,000 are active in our country. Favorite activity is 10-second video sharing, then messaging and super-effective video chat. Needless to say, teenagers are the wildest users on Snapchat, 32% of users are in fact between 16 and 24, a frighteningly interesting number that gives an idea of ​​the great potential of this social network.

Many brands have already started trying to take advantage of this channel. Of course, brand messages can be a little intrusive but Animation Video Maker marketing on Snapchat is possible and the opportunities will grow more and more. Many stars, politicians, and sportsmen are also on Snapchat building stories and trying to interact.

1. Create unique and emotional content

The immediacy of communication is obvious, you have 10 seconds to create engagement and you know that your message will no longer be there tomorrow.

It follows that it is important to focus on truthfulness and on the fact of generating truly authentic content. This means avoiding posting messages that are too tied to your brand but rather emotional elements that create a connection with what the brand wants to express. Uniqueness in the sense of not publishing the same content that you are already using on other social channels.

You need to provide users with inspiration to follow you, talk about the secrets of your success and your business, and create an innovative and exciting and above all truthful storytelling. Forget about commercials and try to entertain using the benefits your brand can instill by talking about them indirectly.

2. Get followers

A good way is to use other social networks to bring users to your Snapchat account. Create a dedicated tab on Facebook or put your Snapchat name on your Twitter and Instagram bio.

Another good idea is to use your QR code as a profile photo and generate images that can guide users to your Snapchat page.

3. Use coupons and promotions to surprise and build loyalty

Snapchat users love to be surprised with contests and coupons. It is a great way to build loyalty and, above all, to offer discount codes and reduced prices, it works if you can build effective teasers before the launch of the initiative.

Get users used to knowing that you also provide these discount codes daily and they will come back to visit you. The “insider” mechanism is particularly effective. Giving a clue about a product or an event by creating curiosity is the best way to promote loyalty.

I don’t even have to worry about the deadline because you know the messages will self-destruct after just one day!

4. Involve your users in the stories you create

Building trust through engagement is key. Snapchat is great for letting your followers know about an exclusive event, or for providing sneak peeks on a discount, sale, or the greatness of a new product before it launches.

But like all social media, Snapchat also involves a conversation with your community. Ask for a selfie that represents your follower wearing your product or solicit innovative content like a video explaining why they love your product. Think about creating a true one-to-one relationship, talk to users using chat and thank them every time they provide you with useful content.

5. Insert branded elements into your Snaps

The content on Snapchat cannot be edited or edited but nothing prevents you from using a little creativity to set the tone for your brand. The story you create must be the mirror of your business, you can promote product previews, “behind the scenes” moments, small informal scenes with footage from your team and even interviews with managers or moments that portray production or sales in a shop.

Make sure the snaps you share have your logo or even your social colors. Give yourself a defined achievable goal for each video you produce even by creating episodes or stories. Never forget that your story will disappear in 24 hours and that if you don’t go straight to your user’s heart they will quickly forget about you.

6. Generate relationships with influencers

Especially when you launch your own identity on Snapchat, as on other social networks, it is important to rely on influencers suitable to confirm the stories you propose. Not only to confirm them…. also to create them “from scratch”!

In fact, you can let the influencer himself take possession of your Snapchat account to make him create his stories which, being already authoritative and deemed authentic, can generate engagement in favor of your brand with his own followers. Pairing up with an influencer who has the numbers to be a testimonial is extremely effective on Snapchat as long as you leave carte blanche. His stories must be personal and not artificial!


When Red Bull gave access to the award-winning Canadian snowboarder and Mark McMorris, the latter simply generated a storytelling about a beautiful day that saw him first surf in San Diego and then go to the mountains to snowboard at Big Bear.