6 Tips For Hiring IT Professionals

If your company is growing, you may be thinking about hiring additional personnel. You may need to expand your human resources department, hire more people to staff your warehouse or add an accounting department. One crucial division to consider is the information technology department. Do you need tips on finding the best people for your business? Here are six questions to keep in mind.

1. Do You Need a Full-Time Department?

Depending on the size and scope of your company, you may need a fully staffed department with several full-time employees, or you may only need part-time assistance. Consider how often you require IT services. Do you rely heavily on freelance IT personnel, or do you call on someone occasionally?

It’s best to err on the side of caution if you are unsure. You can always increase your staff later, but you may have difficulty letting employees go if you realize you overestimated.

2. What Types of Specialists Do You Require?

Consider the skill levels you require. Do you need someone to provide tech support occasionally, or do you need employees experienced with distributed tracing? There are many kinds of information technology specialists to consider hiring:

  • Technical support specialists: These employees can help people who are not tech-savvy with computer or software problems.
  • Computer systems analysts: These professionals understand how software and hardware networks operate together.
  • IT security specialists: They know how to protect company data with tools and company security policies.
  • Programmers: These employees can create and test code that builds software programs.

Your requirements depend on your business type and size.

3. Do You Know Where To Look for IT Professionals?

Try these hiring strategies to find the right people for the job:

  • Recruitment company: Hiring a company that knows IT can help you find the people you need. A company can be beneficial if you are unfamiliar with the ins and outs of information technology.
  • Internat promotion: Do you already have someone working for you who is tech-savvy or has an IT background? This person can be your best bet. Your current employees know your business needs, and the onboarding process will probably go smoothly.
  • Career fairs: These events consist of people who are eager to work. You may find someone with the right qualifications. You can also build your network for your future hiring requirements.
  • Online recruiting: Post your job on a recruitment site to advertise locally or globally.

4. Do You Have Interview Questions?

Once you find interested candidates, it’s time to interview them to see if they fit your company’s IT needs. Be sure to ask relevant questions about:

  • Their industry specialization
  • Their education level, certifications and plans for continuing education
  • The computer languages and operating systems with which they are familiar
  • Their past accomplishments and challenges
  • What methods they have for building or enhancing your department
  • Their suggestions for enhancing security at your company

5. Do You Know What To Share About Your Company?

An interview is your chance to ask questions. However, it is also the candidate’s opportunity to learn about your company. Be prepared to give them plenty of information about your business. Tell them your mission statement, how long you have been operating, your company goals, and especially your plans for the IT department. Conduct a tour of your facility and introduce them to as many of your employees as possible. Be sure to allow enough time for an unhurried question-and-answer session.

6. Are Your Salary Expectations Realistic?

Before you start scheduling interviews, make sure you’ve done some homework. Find out what IT professionals are paid at the skill level you seek. This crucial step can ensure there are no surprises for them or you.


Hiring the right information technology professional requires a lot of work, but the benefits pay off once you have the best employees for the job. You and your IT staff can enjoy the rewards of building a successful business.

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