6 Tips For Creating An Impactful Logo For Your Brand

Have you ever thought about why BBC would spend $1.8 billion in rebranding their logo? The reason behind this is that logo is the face of your brand. It is the real identity of your business, a unique recognition that differentiates your brand from others. The logo gives personality to your brand and helps the company to create a strong position in the market. A logo is not only the symbol of your business but a way to create an impactful presence in the market.  A professionally designed logo has the power to drive people towards the brand.  Logo, thus, by many means can drive success for brands.

If you also want to increase your business and turn your audience into loyal customers then we recommend you create an impactful logo for your shopping brand websites. In this article, we have presented few useful tips that will definitely help you to create an amazing logo for your brand. You can even hire some dedicated logo designing company and change your business luck!

Tips For Creating An Impactful Logo For Your Brand

It is time to uplift your brand by creating an impactful logo for your business. Here are the six tips that will help you in creating an outstanding logo that will never vanish from the minds of the audience.

  • Know the Brand

The first tip to create an impactful logo is to know the brand first. The logo is the face of your brand that communicates to the audience about your business. Thus, it should deliver the main message or give a clear idea about the brand to the audience. For this, your designer should have a clear idea about the brand. It is, therefore, very important to know the ideology of the brand and then to implement that ideology while designing. In short, your design should reflect your business idea and values.

  • Make Right Selection Of the Type Of Logo

There are many types of logos such as typographic logo, illustrative logo, 3D logo Wordmark logo etc. When you think of designing a logo for your brand you must have good knowledge about all the types of logo and should have a fir idea that which type of logo suits your brand. Logo designing involves the theories and brainstorming behind it which includes logotype, design, colors, fonts, size etc. You should necessarily have complete knowledge about types of logos because without them you cannot give structure to your logo. Behind every logo, there is a deep thought process that depends on the type you chose. Once you know about your brand, select the type that matches your brand. Make sure to choose that type that easily shows your brand name to the audience.

  • Simple Design

Creativity does not lie in complicated or overly designed logos. You can be more creative by creating simple and minimalist logo designs.  We recommend you create simple logos that are stylish and unique in nature and matches the theme of your business. For example, you can see the simplicity in the logo of Nike, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Amazon etc. The designs are simple and the style chosen is mostly a typographic logo that includes the name of the brand but with a different font style and color. Therefore, it is not necessary to create logos of complex design just to make it creative. You can play with different font sizes, styles and colors to make your designs look simple but attractive.

  • Uniqueness is Important

Uniqueness is very important in designs. If your design is not unique your brand will not get the desired recognition. For example in your logo design, there are five elements that make up a single logo and all those five elements you have copied from other designs will not work for you. Your audience will not be able to remember your design among others. Only those designs are remembered that are unique and fresh. Nike, Coca-Cola, Zaras etc. are popular brands that are known and still remembered because of their uniqueness. Therefore, try to create a unique logo design for your brand that automatically catches the attention of the audience.

  • Add Colors In A Planned Way

Colors are an important part of every design. They can either make your design look beautiful or can even ruin your design too. Colors should be added in a balanced way because it enhances your design. Therefore, always add colors in a balanced way that matches your design. The colors basically help you to deliver your message to the audience rightly. For instance, the red color in your logo design will show your brand as energetic and passionate. The blue color indicates peace whereas the green color refers to the cooling effect of nature. Colors help in evoking the feelings of the customers and helps them to catch their attention. Therefore, we recommend you either use your brand colors in your logo or select the theme of colors that matches your brand values and attributes.

  • Use Proper Fonts

Just like colors, fonts also play an important role. Never ever use too many different font styles and size in your logo design. If you look at popular brands such as Amazon, Nike, Coca-Cola etc. all have used very simple fonts. Try to use simple font style and size and try to maintain consistency in between the letters. You can make your brand’s name first and the last letter of the same font style and the middle letters of different font style. Therefore, we recommend you use simple fonts so that your brand name can easily be understood by the audience.

These are the six main tips that will definitely help you in creating an impactful logo for your brand. So what are you waiting for and create an impactful logo for your business growth right now! Where else, if you need to have a professional logo for your brand then we would recommend you to hire our dedicated logo designers and get amazing logos for your brand without any struggles.