6 Tips for Choosing the Right Hydrovac Trucks and Services

New age businesses are shifting to safe and eco-friendly excavation solutions. There is no doubt that hydrovac excavation is becoming popular. Many businesses are also using hydrovac solutions, which encompass the use of vacuum suction and jets of high-pressure water to excavate a site.

Hydrovac firms use specially built trucks so as to carry out the excavation process. These trucks are vehicles, which remove soil and clean the resultant slurry before transporting it to a debris tank. The benefits that hydrovac excavation offers will give you enough reason to go for the trucks and services. By narrowing down to the following tips, you can choose the right services and trucks:

  • Look at the Scale of Previous Projects

You have to understand service providers’ capabilities and capacity by looking at the scale of their previous excavation projects.

If the hydrovac firm has not carried out big projects, it will be best to look for another company. Apart from that, it is also important to consider the field experience and the amount of time the company has been doing business.

  • Prioritize the Size

With a vacuum pump, a bigger tank might not help you pump much quicker or work faster. However, in logistics, you may not be able to put a 500 cfm pump on the 2,500-gallon tank.

Get the right pump, which best fits the size of your gallon tank. Most companies provide specific pump recommendations depending on the size of the tank. You can also let your preferred company know whether you will use your truck to pump portable restrooms or septic tanks.

  • Avoid the Cheapest Bid

Professional hydrovac excavation is more expensive when compared to contemporary methods of manual digging or backhoe. Hydrovac is a costly machine, and some companies might charge more cash to compensate for maintenance costs.

Be wary of the companies digging the hole using vacuum trucks or sewer jetters with pressure washers rather than a hydro excavator.

  • Quality

You might judge this by looking at different client reviews on social media platforms and ensuring the standard of hydrovac machines, which the company uses.

Hydrovac machines can affect the efficiency and speed of excavation projects, and customers may comment on various tasks’ pace and safety.

  • Consider the Safety Standards

Excavation might be a risky project, so it will be important to hire hydrovac companies, which take precautions to ensure contractors are not endangered at work.

It can be vital to consider if the companies have a history of serious incidents in their previous projects before signing a contract.

  • Site Accessibility

When choosing Hydrovac Truck Edmonton, you need to prioritize the maneuverability and sizing of excavation equipment so as to safely access the site.

Whether your site allows you to work from long range or right off the truck, the best hydrovac services should have support equipment and crews, allowing you to reach up to 350 feet.

Final Thoughts!

For business and homeowners in need of excavation services and wants to avoid the mess and cost of traditional digging, hydrovac is the ultimate solution they need.

While traditional excavation may put you at risk for breaking and hitting an underground line, hydrovac method will reveal utilities in without breaking them.