6 Things to Know Before Using an Air Fryer First Time

A great addition to any kitchen is an air fryer. Air fryers allow you to make your favorite fried foods with less oil. You also have the option of adding dehydration and rotisserie-style cooking capabilities. It isn’t intuitive, and there are different instructions for each brand. Even worse, cautionary language may be a bit sparse. These six top tips will help you feel safe and excited about your new air fryer.

It is worth reading the instruction booklet.

Although some brands of air fryers are not as informative, they will all have basic information about the appliance and how to clean it. But few popular brands provide comprehensive user manuals and a large number of recipe making guides.

Air fryers can’t do all things.

Some things are great for air fryers. Air fryers are great for rotisserie applications. You can render the fat out and keep the meat juicy with air fryers.

These are great for adding roasted flavors to things like asparagus or green beans. I also find that you can use them for drying as a standalone dehydrator. They are great for heating small fried foods such as chicken nuggets or tater tots to crispiness with less oil.

Please note that I did not say any oil. You might think that the advertisements will promise you great fries and fried chicken without any extra oil. However, this is not the case.

It is not a free-of-oil proposition.

Air fryers use superheated convection for cooking food. If you don’t use oil, you will end up with a more dry exoskeleton. You can still enjoy the health benefits of deep-frying your food, but a little oil is enough.

For a light and even coating of oil, you can use an oil spray bottle. For maximum crispiness, spray ingredients in the air fryer with oil just before they start to cook.

Repeat this process halfway through. Use aerosol cooking sprays only. The other elements could create a plastic-like coating inside the oven and on any movable parts.

Overfilling your baskets is a sin.

In an air fryer, airflow is crucial. While it’s tempting to fill your baskets with more fries, be mindful of the fact that airflow is critical in an air fryer. A loosely arranged assortment of items will yield better results, so the convection heats up.

You will not get crispier baskets and soggy fries. Do two batches if you have a lot of people to feed. Air fryers cook fast.

Extremely lightweight items could cause damage to your fryer.

The superhot air can pack quite a punch, and this is not a good time to make tortilla chips or fried wonton strips. It would be best if you had a rotating tub or a sealed container for your machine. Light items could get caught in the fan’s air and be sucked into it.

You might damage your fan or cause it to stop working. If this happens, the motor will need to be replaced or repaired. You might also light a small fire in an appliance filled with lightly oiled food (see above). This food is not as explosive but can still ignite.

If you aren’t careful, your countertop can quickly melt.

Air fryers can be used as a countertop appliance, but different models produce different heat levels. Make sure you check the specifications on countertop materials to determine how they heat up and adjust accordingly. Also it is important to clean your air fryer regularly after using it.

To keep the air moving underneath the unit and disperse heat, I place my air fryer on a rack above a sheet pan. You could melt the glue if your counters have laminated countertops. Other artificial materials may also scorch or crack under the heat.

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