6 things to avoid for website design as it will ruin SEO purpose

No doubt, web design is a complicated field because in which you need complete perfection by all means. It also required a variety of things along with perfection in multiple areas like graphic design, coding, and technical knowledge. A website is the only greatest solution we have in 2020 that can better boost all types of businesses around the world. It will describe everything to the user about the business niche completely. Almost everyone knows about the SEO strategy which is the perfect match for boosting up any type of business online without any hassle. An SEO strategy will boost your website in the search engine and anyone can easily get with you in touch without any hassle.

You can better target relevant audiences through a website that will never make you feel down by any chance. If you are willing to target audience from Pakistan, you need to search out for the web design Pakistan service providers. You will get a lot more options in the list that will resolve any type of query of yours in a perfect way. Around the world these days, the same solution is being utilized to target a relevant audience which is very much effective by all means. Here are a few things for you to know about clearly that will provide you effective knowledge of how you can avoid common mistakes that will also ruin badly your SEO effort along with it.

Things you need to avoid for website design solution:

1. Use image instead of living text

It will be a good option to use an image instead of a living text on the website. The live text does not create the best impression on users and Crawler also counts it in a negative point respectively.

2. Avoid irrelevant pop-ups

As we all know this thing that irrelevant pop-ups will irritate users. It will also stop the whole work and the user will leave the page which is also a negative impact. It will never give a pleasant browsing experience to the user and only professional web designers can understand this situation. It is very much effective to provide the user with the best experience in which you can better develop the interest of the visitor through interesting factors.

3. Improper H tags

Try to put proper H tags on the website so; it could better produce all content on the page. Most of the time it is also compulsory for the web designer to manage everything for the perfect view of the website.

4. Heavy Images

Avoid using heavy size images on the website as it will completely destroy the reputation of the website. It will not load properly and it will take much time to load which is also considered as a negative impression. If you really want to get your website speed reduced then you can contact to Web Masters Eye.

5. Avoid using flash’

If you want to make your website active in response, you need to completely avoid flash on your website. It will also take much time to load your website efficiently.

6. Ignoring Responsive design

There are several types of website design are available on the internet. You need to get selected responsive design for the website. The design should be according to the niche of the business and it also represents business type effectively.