6 techniques to better your chance of success on social media 

If you are an entrepreneur looking to build a reputation for your brand on social media, you could easily feel daunted. One article posted on the Twitter website states: “Big businesses spend trillions of dollars on their social media campaigns.”

However, even for a small business, thriving on social media can be a surprisingly attainable goal. Here are several strategies you could consider — especially given how cost-effective they can prove.

Comment on current trends 

You have probably already seen instances where a brand has used a trending hashtag to comment on the issue that sparked the creation of this hashtag in the first place.

Still, if you are thinking about emulating this tactic yourself, you need to remember that it is likely to work especially well if your input adds genuine value to the discussion.

Insert multimedia elements into your social media posts where possible 

Of course, images and video work better in some social media posts than others. If you run a food business, you can easily get people salivating by showing, say, high-definition images of the dishes, or video footage demonstrating how they are prepared.

However, even if you are in a highly formal field, like the legal profession, you might be able to find creative ways of injecting eye-catching imagery into your social media output.

Stay regularly active on social media 

If you set up a social media account and make a few initial posts on it but then leave it without updates for lengthy stretches of time, people following the account could too easily start assuming that it has been abandoned. You should thus add fresh content at regular intervals.

Be careful which tools you select for the job 

While big businesses can often financially stomach hiring dedicated marketing teams who would be responsible for managing these social media accounts, it could be a very different situation for your particular company.

You could therefore allow a few extra tech tools to take up much of the slack for you. For example, a social listening tool can help you to speedily discern public sentiment on specific subjects.

Hit that ‘like’ button often 

If you compliment someone, they could easily be inclined to like you back. On social media, your brand can show appreciation for particular content by hitting the ‘like’ button on it, sharing it with other people, or positively commenting in it.

Through doing all of this, you can incentivize people to pay more attention to your brand and potentially buy from it.

Instill FOMO 

This acronym means ‘fear of missing out’ — and Social Media Examiner says of scarcity: “Apart from reciprocity, this is perhaps the most used tool in social media.”

When advertising something on social media, you can spur an especially favorable response if you purposefully limit the number of people entitled to capitalize on the offer.

For example, you could launch a ‘limited-edition’ product, or publicize an event that is only a few days away, giving people relatively little time to buy tickets for it.

James Martin

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