6 Steps to Create Outstanding Lego Brick Pictures

Customizing photos has never been this exciting. Your pictures are treasurable pieces that preserve memories of the moments you have spent in your life. Now, there is a fun way you can customize the pictures to make them even more beautiful. It is all about creativity and effort. Lego brick style has been there for quite some time, and people are making amazing pieces out of this creativity. It is nothing new, but if you are a novice, you might need some help. The good thing is that you can create the Lego brick pictures and gift a friend or just make something nice for yourself. In this article, you will learn the 6 steps of creating outstanding Lego brick pictures. 

  • Choose an Image

This is the very first step of making a brick picture. You need to choose your best image. When doing this, you must know that size matters a lot. When creating the mosaic, your wallet, ability to create, and the space available matter too. So, the bigger the photo, the bigger the product will be. For instance, if you are creating a family Lego frame, you will need ample space for the images, money to buy the pieces, and enough knowledge to stick the pieces together. Every amateur wants to make something they saw from the great builders, but forget that creating a nice piece needs effort and time. So, when choosing the image, make sure you pick something sizeable so that the final picture will not be too big to achieve. The trick is not to limit yourself. Create the Lego brick picture out of anything you like. 

  • Choose the Colors

Now, if you are a newbie at this, this step can be a bit challenging for you. When you hear of Lego, your mind probably thinks of several colors. However, the truth is, Lego has quite developed, and there are numerous types of pieces available today. These pieces come in different colors, in addition to the primary colors. However, not all the colors will be available. So, it is advisable to use the primary colors or just keep everything minimal. Remember, these colors are also not cheap. It will, therefore, be important to keep everything simple if you are on a budget. 

You don’t have to give up on your dream because you can’t find some colors. Basically, Lego comes in standard colors like red, blue, green, black, yellow, brown, and such. So, when building your mosaic, you will not have a problem finding them. However, for the uncommon colors like orange, lime green, dark red, and others, you might find it hard to get them. Furthermore, if you are lucky to find them, they are very expensive when purchased in large quantities. It will even cost more for a single piece. 

  • Prepare the Image

Here, you will need a Lego mosaic maker to prepare your image. You can get a company to build the mosaic for you, especially if you do not know graphic design. A mosaic maker will help you convert your image into what you want as your final product. After choosing your image and the colors you want to use, you will need to have the image photoshopped in Lego form. Make sure you choose a suitable project if you have never done this before. 

  • Create the Base

After completing the three steps, the next important thing is creating a strong base. If you have those masonry techniques, then here is where you can enjoy using them. It is advisable to create a base for the entire portrait. Remember, a sturdy base determines the stability of your picture. Even though this is not compulsory, it is advisable if your piece will be a stand-alone. 

  • Use the Reference Picture

Now, you will need your reference picture close to you. You want to make something exactly like your portrait. So, refer to your picture. Again, use the masonry technique where you stack one piece after the other. This will ensure the pieces remain intact and strong. 

  • Tricks

After the five steps above, you will have something resembling your picture, only in brick form. However, to get a complete final product, here are some tricks you should use. 

  • Start what you can finish. This point talks more about your skills. If you don’t have enough money to buy the brick or enough skills to handle a large project, it is recommendable to start small. 
  • Use a brick separator. This is a simple and cheap tool you can use to separate your bricks efficiently. 
  • Use sot glue. If you want to glue the pieces together, always use soft glue that does not dry up quickly. This will be helpful should you want to change the bricks.


These are very simple steps you can use to create a Lego brick masterpiece. The important thing is starting small and advancing with time. Remember to choose the right and most available colors if you want a complete project.