6 Signs You Need a Roof Restoration or Repair

Of all the house parts, the roof is the most exposed to the external environment. It is designed to withstand harsh external conditions such as rain, storm, wind, snow, sunlight, etc. to keep you safe and protect your property from damage. But nothing lasts forever. Eventually, even the best roofs do give in to the harsh conditions, and depending on the damage, you may need Roof Restoration or replacement.

But how will you know when to repair or replace your roof? First and foremost, you need to inspect your roof at least once every two years to identify and repair damage early enough.

Secondly, you need to know the signs to indicate whether you need roof restoration or repair.

So, what are these signs?

  1. Leaking Roofs

The main purpose of having a roof is to prevent water and any other elements from getting into your house. So if you are experiencing leaks, it means that your roof is not working properly and needs repair. You know that your roof is leaking when:

  • Your ceiling gets wet whenever it rains
  • There are drops of water on your floor or other surfaces in your house
  • Your walls get wet from the top
  • Roof leaks cause very little damage in the beginning, but they get worse with time. That’s why you must not ignore it if your roof is leaking.
  1. Sagging Roof

It goes without saying, sagging roofs are dangerous. So, if your roof is sagging, you need to call Brisbane roof restoration immediately.

In most cases, sagging roofs are as a result of water damage. It’s not all the time that water seeps through the ceiling if the roof is leaking.

Sometimes, the water settles on top, damaging your ceiling and its support. This is what causes your roof to sag in the end.

Other causes of sagging roofs are:

  • Faulty constructions
  • Poor designs
  • Substandard building materials
  • Weak roof support etc

Do not ignore a sagging roof. It can cave-in anytime and cause serious damage to your property. In the worst cases, it can also cause serious injuries to you or your loved ones.

  1. Holes and Cracks

Do you have holes and cracks on your roof? You need urgent repair. When nails are pulled out or when roof fixtures become loose, they create holes and cracks on your roof. If these holes are not repaired, they can cause leaks and damage your roof as a result. That’s not all. These holes allow in leaves and other solid particles, creating a moist environment that is conducive for moss to thrive.

  1. Time

Everything gets old with time, and this includes the roofs. You need to keep track of your roof repairs, restorations, and installation dates to help you access your roof’s condition and determine the next course of action.

In general, any roof should at least last for 20-25 years, so at 20 years, you should be thinking about replacing your roof. If your roof is between 0 and 10 years, it is still strong and less susceptible to damage, so the repairs are minimal. However, you still need to inspect the roof after every two years just in case.

Between 10-15 years, your roof is more susceptible to damage and may need frequent repairs. At this point, restoring your roof instead of doing the frequent repairs is more advisable. After 15 years, things can only get worse.

As you can see, knowing your roof’s age is necessary to know when you need repair, restorations, or even replacements.

  1. Broken or Cracked Tiles

If your roof tiles are cracked or broken, it is a sign that you need to replace them. Tile roofing is very long-lasting and hardly needs complete replacement. But this will depend on how well you maintain it.

Individual broken tiles will allow water to seep-in to the timber supporting the roof, causing it to rot. As a result, you will have to replace or restore your roof, which is both time-consuming and very expensive. You need to repair any broken tiles and prevent this from happening.

  1. Corrosions

If you notice corrosion on your roof, it’s a sign that you need repair. Corrosions are caused by water that gathers around the metal fasteners and fittings. They allow water to seep-in to the timber or the ceiling, causing leaks and roof damage.

So, if you notice corrosions on your gutter, rotting timber, paint coming off around the corroded areas, or any other kind of damage, do not ignore. It is a sign that you need to replace your metal fasteners and fittings.


Signs of damage can be spotted from either side of the roof.

  • From the inside, you can look for:
  1. Dark spots to indicate water damage
  2. Trails to indicate that your roof is leaking
  3. Light getting in through the roof; this may be a sign that your roof is cracked or has holes.
  • And from outside, you can look for:
  1. Loose or worn material around the pipes, vents, chimney, and any other areas on the roof that have been sealed or penetrated
  2. Signs of moisture, rot, or molds
  3. Worn or curled shingles, where applicable
  4. Shingle granules in your gutter
  5. Signs of wear or damage on your downpipes or gutters
  6. Signs of wear on your roof valleys

If you see these or any other signs of damage, it’s a high time you find a professional for your Roof Restoration or repair.

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