6 Signs You Are Ready to Get a Dog

It is every dog lover’s dream to own a pet at home. Having a pet not just brings joy and companionship but also has significant health advantages. Every dog owner advocates the idea of having a dog that we can’t help but want the same for us. But it is also important to think of every aspect to it before making a decision including the monthly cost of a dog.

Bringing a dog home is a commitment you make. One must be one hundred percent sure and aware of the responsibilities that comes with bringing a dog home. Unfortunately, only heartfelt love for dogs is not enough to have a pet.

If you wonder if you are ready to get a dog, we have a list of signs that you are.

6 Signs You Are Ready to Get a Dog

You Can Commit Wholeheartedly

A dog is going to be in your life for almost a decade and that is a commitment you must be willing to make. You can not make an impulsive decision to buy a dog. It must be well thought and planned before bringing in another life into yours.

This means you know about dogs and you have done your basic research about their needs. You are aware of the common illness, behavioural issues and ways to deal with them.

Your Work Is Not Demanding

Bringing up a dog requires a lot of time and patience in the initial stages. From feeding to housebreaking training, you must be willing to spare time for your fur baby. If you live alone and have a very demanding job, then getting a dog is a bad idea.

Not being able to spend the time and attention when your pet is a puppy will lead to later behaviour and temperament issues in your dog.

You Can Afford a Dog

Having a dog also means you are signing up for a lot of financial responsibilities. The initial monthly cost of a dog includes spending for food, vaccination, hospital visits etc.

You must be financially in a place to be able to afford good health and a decent life for your dog.

Once the dog grows you might not have to spend for vaccines but you must be prepared for any medical emergencies.

You Have a Support System

Having everyone in your family on board with you in your decision makes it easier to have a dog at home. Having a support system to share the chores is of great help when it comes to bringing up a dog. Also, make sure the place you live is pet friendly and your dog will have other pets to socialise with.

If you live by yourself alone, make sure that you have friends you can rely on during emergencies and when you are not available. This way you ensure there is always someone to take care of your dog.

Your Other Pets Are Cooperative

If you are thinking of getting a second pet then it is very important to analyse your first pet’s behaviour. If your first pet does not socialise with other dogs or feels threatened by other animals then it might not be a good idea to introduce a new puppy or an adult dog in the house.

If you decide to get a new pet home without considering this, it might affect the mental health of both the pets. This will make your experience unpleasant too.

You Have a Genuine Love for Dogs

Be sure that you want to bring home a dog for the right reasons.  You want to bring home a dog not because all your friends have one but because you are ready to have one. You are willing to love any dog you bring home and not specific about a particular breed because of a TV show.

There are a lot of dog lovers who bring home dog breeds that are not meant for our climate. This puts a strain on the health of the dog long term. Visit a local dog shelter and consider adopting a puppy.

Are You Ready to Get a Dog?

Having a pet dog is one of the most fulfilling and wholesome feelings ever. From the day they come into your life, they fill your heart with love and laughter. They offer so much in so less time. They make your lives better and you need to make theirs too.

It is essential to know what you are getting into so that it is better for both of you. If you feel that you are ready to get a dog, we wish you nothing but the best. Hope you create a strong bond and enjoy many happy years together with your dog!