6 Reasons Why You Should Stage Your Home for Selling in Cottage-Style

Cottage-Style is the style that began to exist when the coastal, lake, and country cabins were decorated with old furnishings from the main houses. People reused the old, worn items, repainted and slipcovered them, and put them in use in a new, unique way. Basically, the old furniture piece was recycled, and even though they were old, they brought a new flair to the small villas, cottages, and country cabins.

It was the 1980s when this style peaked at its popularity, especially because Rachel Ashwell identified it and called it “shabby chic,” which today exists as her registered trademark.

It seems that there is no better solution than using this interior design for staging a house to sell. There are several reasons why. Let’s have a look.

  1. It is basically reusing of old elements

You can use old, furnishing elements to stage the rooms. The items you don’t plan on taking with you in the new home can serve a great purpose. With a touch of creativity and unique ideas, you can transform the place in a warm, welcoming place that has a real homey atmosphere thanks to the old items.

  1. It is eco-friendly

In a period when climate change and global warming are alarmingly popular matters today, doing your part in saving the planet is more than welcome. Thus, choosing the cottage-style design over the others is the perfect green solution. You use old items in a new way.

  1. It is simple and casual

When people are looking for their new home, they want to see simple things they are going to like. Simplicity can be exquisite, and if it is done with ordinary collectibles and antiques, the appeal of the room becomes even greater. People are attracted to familiar things, and what is more familiar than something that reminds them of a happy, simple life at home?

  1. It’s abundant

When I say abundant, I mean it has a lot to say – and everything is complementary to each other. Its typical characteristics are soft colour palette including pale greens, blues, grays, pinks, whites, and creams; fresh flowers and florals, painted and colourful furnishings and décor, faded fabric; controlled clutter; patterns and plaids in mixed combinations, collectables, and vintage or handmade items.

  1. It offers a perfect balance

If done right, it creates an ideal balance in the room. It is both relaxing and full, and it gives off artistic vibes characteristic to professional staging. Also, it offers great freedom to the stager to work out a unique way of designing.

  1. Natural elements enrich the experience

With all that mix and match technique, bringing the outdoors indoor is the next reasonable step for the cottage-style. Usually, places designed in this style have a light, bright, and airy feel to them. To enhance that feeling, you can bring in plants or let natural light as much as possible. Also, you can use woods in your furniture or bamboo in the garden. You can also play with clay and stone accessories, as well.

Put everything in order, and you will end up with an effortlessly created style that people who are looking to buy the house will undoubtedly fall in love with it. And, remember, staging a house to sell should be done exclusively for the target buyers, so choosing an interior design that will be appealing to all can be hard. Luckily, the shabby chic or cottage-style design can be rather inviting as it feels like an old home more than any other style.