6 Reasons Why You Should Live In Bogota, Colombia

More and more people have headed to South America in the last few years to not only spend their vacation here, but to move here as expats – for work, or pleasure, or both. For many freelancers that don’t worry about where they work so long as they have Internet connection, places like Bogota just give you more value for money for your money. Check out long term apartment rentals in Bogota, and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Check out some of the other factors that make this city a great place to live in:

Ciclovía Sundays

Every Sunday (and during holidays), over 100 kilometers of some of the main roads in the city are closed for the public’s pleasure. People gather and ride bicycles, use rollerblades or skateboards, or they just walk, jog, or run, along the same routes hundreds with hundreds of other people doing the same thing. Some people bring their dogs, some come by groups, and others fly solo – it’s an incredible sight to see.

Another interesting sight you may notice is the number of parks in the city – there are plenty, and in almost every one, you’ll find an exercise area that people actually use.

Culture and History

Colombia has so much culture and history, and you can see this from the thriving art industry – from artists and musicians displaying their skills in the streets, to the many museums that are home to artifacts that date back all the way to pre-Hispanic cultures.

Job Opportunities

Colombia has been rapidly growing in the last several years, and that means there are a lot of job opportunities for expats and potential expats alike. In the last 5 years alone, over 200 foreign companies from the US, UK, Japan, India, France, as well as many others, have set up operations in the country.

Bogota is the main economic center of Colombia, so there are always a lot of opportunities here.

International Schools

If you’re worried about bringing over your family, there are a lot of International schools in the city where your family members can earn academic qualifications that are recognized and respected around the world.


Areas like El Chico, Santa Barbara, and Los Nogales are some of the places where you’ll find a lot of expats. These are in the nicer parts of town with easy access to parks, upscale restaurants, boutiques, and malls – and of course, the cost of living is significantly lower than in places like New York.

The Food

I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out that one of the best reasons to head on over to Colombia is because of the food, because of course that’s one of the best reasons to do so.

Latin American food is heavily influenced by Spanish cuisine and African flavors – all kinds of rice, savory meats, vegetables, and fruits, all make up Colombia’s diverse array of flavors, and there’s nowhere better to sample them all than in Bogota.

These are the flavors people from the past have sailed a world over to look for, after all.