6 Reasons Why You Need a Great Corporate Headshot

Are you still using the same grainy profile photo from Myspace?

It’s not the early 2000’s anymore. That scene hair has no place on your Linkedin profile.

It’s time to grow up and update your headshot.

Not just any corporate headshot will work either.

Your photo should look relevant, natural, and professional. You don’t have to wear a tie or a pantsuit. Keep it simple. Look put together, confident, and approachable.

Why does all this matter?

Discover the benefits of a corporate headshot for both job-seekers and employed professionals.

1. The Science of First Impressions

You can’t judge a book by its cover. Right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case when you’re job hunting.

Studies reveal that it only takes 27 seconds to form a first impression of someone. It feels unfair, especially since it takes a while to get to know people.

Hiring managers only have a short time window to decide if a candidate is right for the job. Therefore, first impressions matter. A great corporate headshot is vital for creating a positive first impression.

Job-seekers aren’t the only ones who need to make good first impressions.

C-Suite executives, business owners, medical professionals, and nonprofit leaders also need corporate headshots. They have to build trust with clients, patients, and donors. First impressions matter immensely to consumers, especially when it comes to their health.

2. Corporate Headshots Complement Experience

A professional headshot isn’t the only thing that matters. However, it is the first thing recruiters and managers see on your online profiles. It’s supposed to complement your experience and inspire trust in your competency.

A high-quality headshot can make minimal work experience look a little more impressive.

Let’s say you’re fresh out of high school or college. You have volunteer experience and one summer job. A professional headshot will inspire greater confidence in your skills and potential.

3. Corporate Branding

Job-seekers and individual professionals aren’t the only ones who benefit from corporate headshots.

Businesses and corporations rely on professional headshots for branding reasons. For example, look at any “about us” or “team” page for a corporation. You’ll notice some kind of uniformity among the headshots.

As you know, this uniformity doesn’t have to be suits, ties, and pantsuits. Many startups feature more cool and casual headshots. However, they’re still uniform in their professional, high-quality look.

Headshots are critical for representing personality. Like individuals, headshots give businesses a human touch. They’re also great for showcasing diverse workforces, which inspires more people to apply for positions.

Using headshots to appeal to job-seekers is an example of employer branding. Other employer branding techniques include “behind the scenes” media, company culture highlights, and employee stories. Happy headshots inspire confidence in talented job-seekers.

Corporations also need quality headshots to land new accounts. Do clients trust executives who look like they just rolled out of bed? Probably not.

Trust is everything in corporate branding. That trust starts with a quality headshot.

4. Headshots Are Versatile Marketing Material

The benefits of having professional headshots taken by professional headshot photographers go beyond Linkedin profiles and company websites. They’re surprisingly versatile.

The best examples of headshot marketing come from the real estate industry.

Real estate agents put their image on everything. You can find their headshots on stationery, magnets, calendars, and brochures. Agents use these materials in their direct mail marketing campaigns.

You’ll even find their headshots on bus stop benches!

Some real estate agents are such fixtures in the community they haven’t updated their headshots in decades! While it’s best practice to update your headshot, these examples point to the marketing power of a single headshot.

Think of ways you can use your headshot for different marketing campaigns.

For example, do you want to use your photos for storytelling marketing? Learn how a ShareStory video production agency can help you humanize your brand through compelling photo stories. 

5. A Corporate Headshot Is a Networking Necessity

If you want to grow your professional network, you need to come out of your shell. A great way to introduce yourself to the world is through a quality headshot.

An appealing headshot is a major confidence-booster. It also helps people remember your name as you network at events and online.

Studies show that people remember information better when an image accompanies it. It’s one reason why companies put headshots on name badges. Having a headshot will help managers remember your name and expertise.

Remember to upload a confident headshot to your LinkedIn profile. Include it on your other online profiles, including Twitter, Quora, and Google. You can also include it on your business cards.

Instagram is more casual unless you’re using it for personal branding.

Let’s dig more into the details of personal branding.

6. Develop Your Personal Brand

Have you ever thought about your personal brand?

Your personal brand showcases your professionalism, skills, values, personality, and applicable interests. Building a personal brand attracts more job opportunities and clients.

Suppose you’re dreaming of a wedding planning business. You could use your Instagram to showcase your flower arrangements, desserts, photography, and bridal shower decor. This personal brand is an excellent foundation for building a business.

Many bloggers have turned their personal brands into real businesses. Look at the Instagram profiles of your favorite personal bloggers. You’ll notice each has a compelling profile photo.

You don’t need a serious headshot. Instead, use something relevant and fun. Make sure the photo is professional and high-quality.

Corporate headshots are better for business-themed personal brands. For example, if you’re a marketer, you’ll want a business headshot. Rather than Instagram, make the most out of your headshot on Twitter or Facebook.

Experiment with different headshots to find the perfect blend of personality and professionalism.

Let Your Professional Headshot Shine

Let future employers and clients get to know you. Update your profiles and marketing material with a shiny, new corporate headshot.

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