6 Reasons Why SmartWindows is a Must-Have for Windows 10

If you have ever been in a situation where your system suddenly crashes or you face a sudden power outage, all of the apps that you have opened will close. To address this issue, SmartWindows is one productivity software that comes up with manifold use-cases for your Windows 10. In this article, we will discuss how SmartWindows improves workplace productivity, restores closed tabs, and makes it easy for you to multitask.

Most often while working with browsers, we have several different tabs opened at the same time. This is especially true in the case of coders, writers & gamers. SmartWindows will save the current state of all of the desktop apps that you have already opened. It will save all of the locations of the tabs as well as the size of the browser window. So in case of a sudden system crash or Windows updates, SmartWindows will restore the browsers and tabs on one or many screens. It supports multiple browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. it keeps an active tab history and restores each browser window with respective URLs.

Now you know why this SmartWindows is necessary for you to have in your Windows 10 and what benefits it entails. Let’s move on and discuss what is the method for saving and restoring a state.

●    Create:

Profile creation is the first step for users to do. As you can see in the image below, you will need to go to the right-hand side of your screen and click on the arrow button. Here you will see the SmartWindows running in the background.

After locating the app, you will need to right-click on it and select the “Create Profile” option. 

Select the ‘Create Profile’ option the dialogue box will appear in which you will have to give the name of the profile and after that click on ”Save”. This way your profile will be created.

●    Save:

After creating a profile all you need to do is to click on the arrow on the right side of the screen and hover your mouse on the option “Save to”. This will give you the option of profile you want to save the state on. This will save the current screen configuration in the profile.

●    Restore:

Similarly to restore the state of the applications you will follow the same steps of going to the arrow on the right side and right-click on the SmartWindows icon. Now hover on the option “Restore Profile”. This will give you the option of which profile you want to open on the display.

After choosing the profile the system will be restored according to the saved profile that was selected. Another cool feature of restoring the profile is that if a browser is open at the time of the saving all of its tabs will be restored as well.

Now let’s discuss a few reasons that make SmartWindows a must-have for Windows users.

1.   Save Time:

If you are doing important office work and you realize that your laptop could shut down because of low battery. You can quickly save the profile and all the states of your desktop screen will be saved. You can charge your PC and then restore all of the profiles with one click with all apps you were previously working on. This does not only saves your time but allows you to optimally use your energy for core tasks.

2.   Increased Productivity:

As mentioned before, with the SmartWindows you can easily restore all of the previously opened apps’ windows. Since the entire state of the application is being restored therefore you do not need to open all of the apps again. SmartWindows allows you to increase productivity at work by auto-arranging and auto-restoring apps.

3.   Project Management:

If a SAS programmer is coding and wants to read try code snippets from the documentation as well, he would need to open the apps side by side for easy access. In midway, if you want to make reports for some other project, it would be inefficient to open, arrange, and clutter all apps on one screen. The best way for this is to switch to another profile where you could manage tasks easily.

4.   Display Management:

If you have a habit of using multiple screens at the same time in a workplace to manage different projects. e.g, on one monitor you are writing something, and on the other, you are designing, SmartWindows will help you save states of the screen up to 6 displays. In this, you don’t have to worry about losing the state of another display. You can restore any display settings with one click.

5.   Profile Management:

If you are a project manager, you might have multiple projects to work on and monitor. It becomes critically difficult to handle all at once that they are handling at the same time. To efficiently manage each project, you can create multiple profiles. It would become easy for you to manage the files and data of each project separately and create presets against each project to work in an optimized manner. This gives the manager enough room to manage multiple projects. 

6.   Auto-Restoration & Auto-Arrangement:

When a person is doing a task in a professional setting, then that person needs to be organized and know where a particular window should be on the desktop screen. This is also true when using a dual or multi-monitor setup in which the screens are highly organized. SmartWindows allows the user to restore the previous state of desktop screen and windows in the same location they were at previously. It also helps restore the apps at exactly the same window size as it was. This feature enables users to be more efficient and organized at work and ultimately could focus on core tasks.


SmartWindows is empowering the use of Windows 10 with its enhanced capabilities. It allows Windows users to increase productivity at work and optimally do their regular activities without spending time on manual tasks.

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