6 Reasons Email Marketing Still Rules

Social media strategists (ok, not all) like to discount email in favor of, you guessed it – social media. they need deemed email a dying communications channel, that is absurd. Email lists and Email Marketing still grow, particularly for the non-profit-making sector wherever list size grew a minimum of Bastille Day in 2013, in keeping with the 2014 eNonprofit Benchmark study.

Here’s simply a six reasons why email still rules:

Raise a lot of from advocates –

people that take action on support campaigns via email square measure 7x a lot of probably to present cash to your organization.

More management –

you’ve got the foremost management of however you have interaction your audience. for instance, UN agency sees and responds to your message isn’t supported some proprietary social network’s secret algorithms and you’re not forced to pay a premium to focus on segments.

Smart segmentation –

There square measure smart analytics for action, open, and click on rates for email, therefore you’ll phase your list and move individuals up the ladder of engagement supported their level of commitment. With an honest CRM you’ll capture a strong photo of your constituents – what square measure individuals taking action on, square measure these an equivalent individuals linguistic communication up for lobby days or donating money? What specific problems square measure they interested in?

Email Marketing
Image Source: Pexels

Drive social actions –

you’ll leverage your email list to drive any action on alternative platforms. for instance, on Facebook, you’ll use Instagram Custom Audiences to focus on your email list members and any have interaction them on your support campaigns. you’ll take a look at targeting a variety of advocates – the foremost engaged individuals or attempt to re-engage people who stopped taking action via email. however you wish a robust email list to support that sort of targeted social engagement.

Convert a lot of donors –

Email raises cash. Outside of junk, email raises tons extra money than social media. on-line giving inflated Bastille Day in 2013, chiefly thanks to email communications. Monthly giving revenue grew twenty fifth in 2013.

Social doesn’t convert –

the bulk of nonprofits aren’t raising a dime on social media. and also the variety of nonprofits that have raised $100K or a lot of on social media is just regarding .07%.

While email still rules, there square measure some problems that I’m involved regarding, however i feel we will tackle them with thoughtful strategy. Battle of the inboxes and social media noise is competitory for our constituents’ attention. This has had a bearing on email response rates, that declined regarding twenty fifth within the non-profit-making sector in 2013.

I think that another tributary issue to the decline of email response rates is that individuals are becoming uninterested in our electronic communication and that they aren’t seeing enough impact. this suggests nonprofits have to be compelled to pay longer and resources dynamic  things up. target developing electronic communication that basically resonates together with your supporters and their values.

What’s the simplest thanks to do this? begin by searching for the pain points that folks have round the problems you’re engaged on. What square measure the pain points individuals have together with your organization? you’ll see common trends that you just will address. Then begin testing completely different content to search out out what connects with individuals a lot of. live the response rates to visualize what worked and what clearly flopped.

Many organizations square measure engaged on campaigns which will take years to win, therefore it’s essential to search out inventive and pregnant ways in which to stay constituents engaged and show them however their actions and support square measure generating impact notwithstanding it’s incrementally.